28 December 2016

Floral Media - Setting Your New Year's Eve Table - Martha Stewart

It's New Year's Eve in a couple of days and lots of us will have friends and family over for dinner. Here is Katrin Björk from Modern Wifestyle back with a New Year's Eve table setting brought to you by Martha Stewart. 

Katrin is setting the scene using a white tablecloth, neutral off-white and light grey plates and clear glasses. She layers the look using three different size plates and on top a linen napkin. On top of the simply folded napkin she places some black cutlery, a small twig of either holly or pine and ties it with a dark blue almost black ribbon.  Katrin makes it all look very stylish and contemporary, and allows the food to have central stage. She also places a small bowl at each table setting with twelve grapes, one for each clock strike at midnight!


I hope you enjoyed this video and maybe it will give you some inspiration for trying some new table settings.

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[Text © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]

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Mia Coman said...

Christmas has passed and I know that you have spent with joy.
I wish that the coming year will be a good year for all!
I embrace you, Mia

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