29 April 2016

A Bunch for the Weekend - # 76 - Three Pink Flowers

I found three pink flowers at the flower stall this morning - deep pink tulips, very light pink hyacinths and some rununculus in varying pink colours. 

Instead of making a mixed bouquet I decided to arrange the three flowers separately - each in their own vase. I still wanted to show the flowers together and what ties them together is not only the colour pink but also the containers that I have used. They are all made out some sort of metal and all in a dark silver grey colour.

All three flowers are arranged casually in their containers - with the tulips I have kept as much of the foliage as possible - I only removed broken and bruised leaves. 

With the hyacinths I kept the small bulb bit at the bottom and that way it's easier to keep most of the leaves intact. Again I only removed any that were broken. It's nice to be able to have the green tips breaking up all the pink of the flowers.

Finally with the ranunculus I did remove all the leaves and separated the unopened buds from the open flowers. Most buds don't open once the flowers are cut - but they do offer some visual variation so I do use some of them - often the larger once and the once with the most colour.

Also remember to protect any surfaces under the containers - metal do rust and leaks can occur. 

This ends up as quite a big arrangement - so you will need a large table surface and it will also make quite some impact both in size and colour. 

Enjoy your flower arranging and have a fabulous and floral Friday!

I'll be be back on Sunday with another 'Florets' - a floral quote by a flower lover.


~ xoxo ~

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1 comment:

Frances said...

Wow, Ingrid...your pink trio has a very dramatic impact! I'm off to the farmers market soon, and hope to bring home some blooms. You've certainly given me plenty of inspiration.


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