1 February 2016

Floral Media - Flower Agenda - week 5-8 - Rose

Bloemenagenda Roos 2016

For the second year in a row I'll be doing the Flower Council of Holland's monthly information about cut flowers. Its called The Flower Agenda. I'll be covering 15 different flowers during 2016. Last month it was the Tulip and this month it's the Rose.
Bloemenagenda Roos 2016

The rose goes back to Roman, Greek and Egyptian times - but was not introduced to Europe until the 16th century. 

Bloemenagenda Roos 2016

The rose is often called the Queen of Flowers - it is available to buy twelve months of the year and is bought for all occasions from weddings, birthdays, Valentine's to funerals. 

Bloemenagenda Roos 2016

The rose comes in many different colours and shapes - red, white, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green as well as multicoloured.  

Bloemenagenda Roos 2016

Red roses are often associated with love - other colours have their own symbolism.

White: purity, dignity, true love.
Pink: happiness, gratitude, virtue.
Orange: longing , sympathy, longing.
Yellow: intimate friendship, solidarity  

Bloemenagenda Roos 2016

  • Look after your roses and they will last longer. 
  • Remove any leaves that will end up below the water line in the vase. 
  • Use a clean vase and fresh water. 
  • Trim the stems with a diagonal cut. 
  • Change water and re-cut stems every 2-3 days.
  • Don't put roses in direct sunlight, in a drought or near any source of heat.
  • Don't place roses near a bowl of fruit. 

Bloemenagenda Roos 2016

Roses are perfect for making classic bouquets - but they can also be combined with lots of other flowers to make something less traditional.

Bloemenagenda Roos 2016

Add lilacs, stock flowers or gerberas or like in the next two images a whole host of flowers mixed with roses to make stunning and unusual bouquets.

Bloemenagenda: de Roos:


Have a Lovely Floral Monday!

I'll be back later in the week with more floral delights from 
Of Spring and Summer.


~ xoxo ~

[All images provided by The Flower Council of Holland.]

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Janneke said...

Beautiful! I like the unusual use of roses.

Vision By Mila said...

Stunning arrangements!

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