2 December 2015

DIY Flower Tips and Inspiration - #15 - White Amaryllis

This week my 'DIY Flower Tips and Inspiration' - is about how to make the flowers on your Amaryllis last a bit longer.

The Amaryllis usually have several flowers on each stem - that opens up one after the other - not all at the same time. As the flowers continue to open - you need to remove the old spent flowers. You can use a knife or a pair of scissors. Do it carefully - the little short individual flower stems sit very close together!

Then comes the moment when there is only one or two flowers left on each stem and the whole arrangement starts to look a bit sparse! 

What you can do is to simply cut the remaining flowers off the stem and put them in either their own individual vase, jar or container or put a few in each. 

They will last for a few more days and looks lovely grouped together on a tray or in a row on a table. The flowers are so big, that even as single flowers in their own little container on a small side-table, they will have enough impact to make an impression. 

Enjoy your flower arranging!

I will be back on Friday with another 'A Bunch for the Weekend'.
~ xoxo ~


[Styling and Photography: © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]


Ingmarie We said...

Very lovely!

Frances said...

Ingrid, I am a great fan of amaryllis flowers, particularly at this time of the year. Just about every year I send some pots of amaryllis to my Mom at Christmas time. She's been able to take excellent care of them after their initial blooming and plants them in her back garden for more blooming.

I usually choose red, or multi-colored versions, but these white ones are glorious! xo

Unknown said...

I like how you are able to accentuate the beauty of the amaryllis by keeping this flower arrangement simple. The focus is on the flower; not the vase or contrasting colors. Some arrangements can start to look overly busy and the flowers get lost. I'll have to try and keep simplicity in mind when I make some of my arrangements. http://www.fasanflorist.com

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