8 June 2011

Buttons, Lettering and Poems

An old used sack, some old buttons and an old book.
What so special about that?
Well, the buttons are made from mother-of-pearl, the old sack has some fun writing on it and the book is full of beautiful poems.

Some very pretty light pink chrysanthemums looked gorgeous in contrast with all the light and dark grey.

I think there is something special about buttons.
I am not sure why and I find it difficult to articulate why I like them so much.
My daughter does not share my love of buttons.
She thinks it is a bit odd to collect so many buttons that mostly look the same.
But we still love each other!

Old belt buckles is another weakness! 
These two are charming in their colour and shape.

The old sack has some interesting writing on it.
It is a mix of English and Swedish.
It says: Amerikorn Yellow Flaking Hominy,
Mfd. by Krause Milling Company,
Milwaukee 1, Wis.
Tree Kronor,
PFS 6519,

After some research on the Internet I think the sack might be from the late 1930's.
The sack was used when importing American corn or hominy to Sweden sometime before the Second World War.

In a local charity store my eye caught this lovely book cover.
It reminded me of climbing plants or seeds and I loved the colour.
It was a poetry book in German, of which I know maybe twenty words. 
I was hesitant until the lady in the shop told me it was 50 pence.
How could I then resist yet another photo prop!

The small dark buttons are also made from mother-of-pearl, not white this time but in a wonderful silver grey colour.
The very large buttons are old coat buttons from the 1950's.

A very large pair of tailor's scissors with it's worn metal grey fitted right in with the buttons and the colour scheme.

Wish you all a wonderful day full of pretty things!

xoxo Ingrid


Frances said...

Ingrid, the combination of pearly shades and grey'd pinky flowers gives a classic tranquility to your arrangements.

Ah, collecting old buttons and buckles is well worth the searching. These beautiful bits will never be made again. Well, let me hold out hope that some sort of renaissance of artistry will someday conquer our current age of cell phones and electronic tablets.

Best wishes.

Sanne said...

Hahaha...we still love each other....this sentence is sooo true !!! so it should be....
Well, I´m a tailor and because of this I LOVE & COLLECT buttons..!!!Yours are very nice!!!!.Your combi with the deep pink flowers is great, like always...

Have a great time,

Frances said...
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Madelief said...

Hi Ingrid,

There is something about old buttons and buckles indeed. I am always on the lookout for them when visiting the fleamarkets. Unfortunately more people are!!!

Happy day!

Lieve groet, Madelief x

CaffeinatedOCMommy said...

Ingrid Dear, STUNNING! Absolutely lovely photos... Cups Up! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Great combination of subjects as always. This time the photo that appeals most to me isn't with flowers but with those 2 black buttons, the 4th from bottom. Beautiful work!

Unknown said...

We all have our odd things:) The sacks are beautiful, I like everything old, the design appeals me much more than new ones. Beautiful pictures.
Have a great week.

Fru C said...

Underbara bilder....en bild säger mer än tusen ord....jag kan bara hålla med.


Naomi said...

You are so talented!! Wow! Love your blog and your style.

Lisa Gordon said...

I love old buttons. as a matter of fact i have an entire collection of them that I have been adding to for years. all of them are white, and all of them are mother-of-pearl. Not sure what I will ever do with them, but love them anyway.

As always, your photographs are so very beautiful Ingrid!

I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I have a jar of buttons I can't part with - from my childrens' clothes and fun vintage finds. :)
I love these photos - the colors are gorgeous together!
Wishing you a lovely day, Ingrid!
~ Zuzu

nedj said...

Une trsè jolie collection de boutons !!
Mes préférés sont ceux en nacre et toi ??


Frances said...

Ingrid, thank you for your message over at my place. I have done an edit, but love your pictures so much that saying so twice would still have been valid.


letrecivette said...

I wish you a nice week end!
Loveli pics!

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet ingrid, love love everything in this post so much! All these little gorgeous combinations make such gorgeous color inspiration! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

Mira Crisp said...

Hello, Ingrid! I find your blog really calming. The second photo from the bottom is my favorite. Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful styling Ingrid! I was so captivated... My mother collected buttons as does my sister, I have a couple of jars filled but have never looked through them. They were given by my sister... All the vintage pieces especially the sack & poetry book you've chosen for this shot is really remarkable. I do love greys and pinks together. Such soothing colors. This is one of my favorite posts, and believe me I love them all.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Hugs Rosemary XX
P.S. I've been having terrible problems with Blogger. My blog disappeared yesterday for over 24 hours. I'm not sure if you or anyone else is experiencing any problems.

silvia said...

I like your stuff (I h also have a weakness for old buttons, I like the colors of your photos, I like your blog!

Diana Studer said...

I love buttons. Fan my Flame has some on her current post! Is that perhaps an Insel Taschenbuch? Beautiful little books.

angie said...

such beautiful styling, ingrid!!!! i love your pics!!! greetings, angie

NinaH said...

Jag delar din vurm för knappar!;-) Har samlat hela mitt liv! Och gör så än!;-)
Läcker sax! Och läcker kasse/säck! Och urläckra bildarrangem,nag med dem!

Camilla Alvén said...

Knappar kan man aldrig få för många av!!!

Ha det bra

Blueberry said...

Dear Ingrid, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I find you blog very inspirational too!

Greetings from Ukraine, Ira

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

These are all gorgeous little treasures, Ingrid. I have a thing for buttons.
Have a sweet evening xxxx

Georgianna said...

This vignette and each of the photos are works of art, Ingrid. I think my favorite post of yours yet!! I love the buttons with the scissors.

Thank you for your Anniversary wishes – we had a wonderful celebration.

Wishing you a lovely new week! xoxo – g

GB said...

You have such a beautiful blog--love your sense of color--it just makes me happy!

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