25 October 2010

Flowers from the Farmers Market

Cut flowers can be expensive and on top of that maybe they are flown half way across the world.
Farmers Markets can be a solution to obtaining cheaper and locally grown flowers.

In my area of London there are a few Farmers Markets that I am exploring.
The choice is obviously limited and not the same as in a florist shop.
I really don't mind as I prefer to work with seasonal material and I mix in plants from my own garden.

In the last few weeks I have bought bunches of Chrysanthemums from the local market.
Most of them are still looking beautiful after three weeks.
That is pretty amazing for cut flowers.
If you put the arrangement in an unheated but frost free area during the night they last much longer.

In the arrangement in the photographs are two Chrysanthemums.
One dark burgundy coloured and the other is a very light pink one with a dark centre that matches the darker. I have mixed in as 'greenery' a few branches of Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple'. It is an amazing shrub that has beautiful dark foliage.


Lisa Gordon said...

Unfortunately, we only have farmer's markets during the summer months, and I truly miss it after the last. This is such a pretty shot!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ingrid, I totally agree with you about seasonal flowers. They are so much more pleasing than hot house raised blooms which, as you say have probably travelled thousands of air miles in the process.

Your Chrysanthemums look very pretty and are accented beautifully by the Cotinus foliage.

september cottage said...

Good evening Ingrid!!!!

Another stunning arrangement! You are so right - floewers can be so expensive! (But I do envy you - in a friendly way - if I want anything exciting or different, I have to order it - and it might not come -or go up to London - which will make it even more costly :).

I do LOVE how you made the simpler (calling them 'simple' - makes me feel rude towards the flowers...:)-but you know what I mean) work - lovely colours and beautiful foliage - not to forget the matching string!!! Very pretty!!!!

Have a lovely evening!!!


Sophia Callmer said...

Som bondens marknad, kanske ungefär, årstidens blommor är ofta väl så vackra som blomsterhandelns influgna fast mitt i vintern är det förstås välkommet med dem..

Home and Lifestyle said...

What a lovely flowers, I like them!

Warm regards, Ingrid

AnnA said...

Hej Ingrid!
Jo, det börjar ta slut egna täppan, efter senaste kylan, och då får man titta på vad de har att bjuda påpå torget...
Vackert arrangemang!

Empty Nester said...

Very pretty! Thanks for sharing!

Sanne said...

Deare Ingrid,

you are so right...I alwasy buy my flowers ( those for the summergarden, etc. ) on the farmersmarket...it`s much cheaper there ...and I like the athmosphere there....Great colours of flowers you bought...
Have a nice day,

Missy Flowers said...

Ingrid, you said they "still looking beautiful after three weeks."

Wow! I can't believe it. Most cut flowers I get barely last a week.

Unknown said...

I buy almost every time Chrysanthemums because they last so long. Here is so expensive and we don't have farmers markets for flowers and if we would they would be more expensive. Everything what is local or "green" are more expensive, sad.I love the very light pink one with a dark centre Chrysanthemums, I don't think I have seen like them before..
Very beautiful tile you have in the back round. I always bought few tiles if I go to south Europe, they are just so wonderful:)

Annelie said...

Så vackert!
Håller med om att det kan vara lite dyrt med snittblommor. Har under åren liksom du lärt mig var det är billigare och dyrare.
Är så avundsjuk att du kan besöka Petersham Nurseries. Hade ett inlägg om dem tidigare, ett av de ställen jag vet att jag skulle ha svårt att ta mig därifrån. Bilderna du tagit var fina.

Älskar din white on white i inlägget tidigare. Kan inte få tag på den vita ljungen här. Skulle nog ge min högerarm (not really)för några krukor av den.


Anonymous said...

Superläcker färgkombination och vacker bild. Tänk att du har tillgång till en "Farmers market". Nu har man verkligen behov av att smycka inomhus och just säsongens nyheter inspererar.
Stor kram

Anonymous said...

Hi Ingrid~

This arrangement is stunning!!! I love the purple in the flowers, it's an arrangement one can keep around for a long while. Your background you chose sets off these flowers so beautifully.

Carol said...

Ingrid, your choice of the farmers market for flowers is exactly what I prefer too. The cut flower industry is really horrendous . . . and believe me I know. There is no regulation on pesticides etc. not to mention how far they travel to our tables. Some growers are doing a better job but locally grown is always the best. Hopefully organic too. I love the Cotinus foliage mixed with the mums. Lovely. ;>)

Madelief said...

Hi Ingrid,

Lovely flowers! I wish we had farmers markets around here. I would love to buy fresh fruit and vegetables and flowers now and then.

Lieve groet,


Fru C said...

Farmers market....där hade jag passat in ;) jag som är en s k farmer. Fast några vackra buketter hade det varit svårt att få ihop just nu.

Georgianna said...

Beautiful arrangement, Ingrid, and I adore the Cotinus coggygria branches as an accent. I will have to try that with ours. I've learned the trick of putting arrangements somewhere cool at night. Usually it's our fridge which doesn't contain much food consequently! xo – g

NinaH said...

Great arrangements you´ve made- together with great pictures of them! And great to have a market like that!!;-)

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