22 March 2017

Creative with Flowers - # 36 - Colourful Spring Tulips

This week on 'Creative with Flowers' - I'm featuring a mixed lot of very colourful spring tulips.

What is it many of us crave at this time of year? Colour of course! 

This is a little "statement" that I add to the post - briefly explaining my thinking behind the posts:

"This series of blog posts - called 'Creative with Flowers' - are about using flowers in new and creative ways. It could be about how the flowers are combined - maybe in a little bit of an unusual way. It might be the choice of vase - maybe not a vase at all but a container that could be anything from jugs, bottles, jars, tins or teapots - vintage or new it doesn't matter. 

As always my arrangements will be quick and easy - and there will always be lots and lots of colour!"

It's early spring - but many places around the world are still covered with snow. We all long for some warmth and above all colour.

Well, flowers are a perfect distraction and they come in all sorts of different colours. Just pick what you love.

Before I carry on showing more images of the beautiful tulips and the props that I've used. I just wanted to show you a 'behind the scene' shot!

It's a stage that is easily forgotten about - probably because it's often not a very pretty stage - well just a bit messy......

Before I started I knew I wanted to use some colourful little glasses that I have. I also knew I had to cut the tulip stems very short. What struck me when looking at the pile of leaves and stems on the counter was that I discarded more of the flowers than what was left........well I did keep the pretty part of the flower at least!   

The props this time are - a bright pink watering can, a vintage very worn little lantern, a piece of yellow fabric with a circular pattern and a hessian sack from my grandfather's country store back in Sweden. It has the words "Triangelns Kaffe" printed on the side - the name of an old classic Swedish coffee brand.  

I bought three bunches of already mixed tulips - it had a mix of colours as well as a few different varieties of mostly double tulips. So overall a great mix already done for me.

There are six glasses in different colours - but I have only put flowers in three of them. I was able to put ten flowers, stems cut very short so that the flowerheads sit just above the edge of the glass. So maximum colour from both flowers and glasses - perfect for this time of year!

Enjoy your flower arranging and have a fabulous and floral Wednesday!

Thank you for visiting 'Of Spring and Summer' - I will be back on Friday with another 'A Bunch for the Weekend' all about how to make a lovely bunch of flowers to enjoy over the weekend. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you back here then.


~ xoxo ~

[Styling, photography and text © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]
[Flowers: Mixed colourful spring tulips. They are all from my local flower stall in North London.]
[Vase/Container: Colourful small glasses in a carrier - bought from a local charity store.]
[Other props: From stylist own prop collection.]

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