8 April 2016

FLOWERS by ingrid and titti - Spring is in the Air!

Yes, spring is definitely in the air here in London! Titti and I thought it would be a suitable theme for this weeks FLOWERS.

To capture the feeling of spring with flowers is not difficult at this time of year - flowers are in abundance and the colours are fabulous.

For this spring bouquet I have used white and pink tulips, some ranunculus in a couple of different pink shades and for green foliage a small leafed eucalyptus. 

I also made a second mini arrangement in a very small watering can - four ranunculus with a few little sprigs of eucalyptus and some raffia to hold it all together - just leaning to one side. A charming way to display a tiny arrangement. 

The large container is a zinc florist bucket that I have had for many years and it's still in use almost every day. Talk about good value for money!

The big arrangement is made straight in the container and I have grouped a few of the same flower together to prevent the flowers looking like dots.  

The piece of floral fabric that I'm using as a tablecloth picks up the pink and green colours in the flowers. A quick and easy way to make a base for the arrangement and to blend and tie it all together.

I think spring has arrived in the south of Sweden too - were Titti lives - I can't wait to see what spring-like flowers she has to show us. Here is the link to her blog. 

Have a lovely floral day!

We'll be back later in the month with another 'FLOWERS' -also with a spring theme. Before that I'll see you later in the week.


HWIT BLOGG said...

Åhhh så vårigt! Tulpanerna är helt ljuvliga...
Bra jobbat Ingrid!
Ha en fin fredag och kram från Titti

Frances said...

Dear Ingrid, you've certainly given us a beautiful collection of arrangements for the weekend. The varied shades of pink and soft white have a graceful accenting from the grey of the containers and the grey-green of the delicate eucalyptus leaves. All together I see the beauty of fresh spring flowers!


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