6 April 2016

Flowers and Ribbons - # 5 - Jars with Ribbons - Part 2

Over time you have probably noticed that I often feature beautiful ribbons. I'm part of a team of international bloggers who use ribbons from Jane Means' ribbon collection. Jane provides us with ribbons and we use them in some of our blog posts. 

I'm now doing a regular series of blog posts called 'Flowers and Ribbons' where I use Jane's ribbons in combination with flowers and foliage.

This is Part 2 of 'Jars with Ribbons' - you can see Part 1 here if you missed it.

Again we are taking a look at a simple way of creating stunning little flower arrangements using pretty flowers, ribbons and re-cycled jam jars as vases. Quick and easy and for very little money!

Old jam jars are perfect for making low and compact flower arrangements. Cut the stems quite short, let the flowers rest on the edge of the jars and fill the jars with as many flowers that will fit.

Just like in Part 1 I have kept the colour scheme very tight. This time around its all white with a few hints of green.

I have used pure white single tulips, green and white parrot tulips and a white hyacinths.

There are five jars altogether - one has the all white tulips on their own, one has the white hyacinths also on their own, a third is filled with the green and white parrot tulips and a fourth is filled with a mixture of the two tulips. In the last one has snipped off little individual hyacinth flowers floating in water.

The ribbons are a mix of stitched, striped and two sweet little gingham narrow ribbons and amazingly they all pick up the colours in the flowers.

Use the jars on their own or grouped together on a little tray or try them in a row in the middle of a table or along a mantelpiece.

Have a lovely floral day!

I'll be back next month with another 'Flowers and Ribbons. Before that I'll see you later in the week.

[Styling and Photography: © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]
[All ribbons shown are from Jane Means' Collection of Ribbons.]


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