12 March 2016

FLOWERS by ingrid and titti - Bouquet to Give Away

On FLOWERS this week Titti and I are featuring floral bouquets to giveaway for a special occasion. I wanted to spend a bit more time and effort on it and make it look just that little bit extra special. 

My intentions were good - BUT it didn't work out as planned.

So what happened? Well, I went to buy flowers from my trusted local flower seller, a few streets from where I live, and he wasn't there! I thought, what do I do now? The florist is a nice choice but often too expensive, so my option was one of the many supermarkets. So off I went to Tesco and bought two bunches of mixed flowers - a mix of white roses, multiculoured carnations, some dark chrysanthemums, white phlox and white lilies. 

I made a hand-tied bunch, used raffia to tie around the stems and then cut all the stems the same length. 

I then used some of Jane Means' pretty ribbons to hide the raffia. I used two different grey ribbons - a light silver grey and a dark grey together, made a big bow, left the ends quite long and finished off by cutting the ends of the ribbons at an angle.

There are many different ways of wrapping your flowers - I quite like to use plain brown wrapping paper. Florists often use several layers of both cellophane and tissue paper.

I simply wrapped the flowers in one layer of brown paper and finished off with a piece of dark grey ribbon.

While assembling the bouquet I left the phlox sticking up above the other flowers like little bits of froth. I also positioned the two lilies at the back - with lots of unopened buds they are going to need lots of room when the flowers open up.

This is a bouquet that will last for a while - which will be nice for the person you give it to. The roses will last for a little while, the carnations and the chrysanthemums will last longer and the phlox and the lilies will last the longest and what is nice is that they still have lots of buds that will open up and keep the bouquet going for up to two weeks.

Enjoy your flower arranging and have a fabulous floral Saturday!

Titti over on HWIT BLOGG has also created her version of 'Bouquet to Give Away'. So head over to her blog and see her interpretation. 

I will be back tomorrow with another floral quote by a flower lover.

~ xoxo ~

[All ribbons are from Jane Means Ribbon Collection.]


Frances said...

Ahh Ingrid, your splendid eye and knowledge of flowers has allowed you to find marvelous blooms at your market. You are clever to think of assembling a gift bouquet that will have some lasting power for the lucky recipient. Those grey ribbons give a subtle elegance to the bouquets, and the brown paper seems perfect, too.

Happy weekend! xo

HWIT BLOGG said...

Den buketten vill jag ha tack! Gillar färgerna så mycket...
Kram från Titti

Villrose said...

Lekre farger! Ville gjerne ha fått denne buketten...

gerry smith said...

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