7 March 2016

Floral Media - Glorious Gloriosa Lily from McQueens Flowers

The London florist McQueens Flowers is back with another quick and easy flower arranging video. This time its their florist Poppy who is showing us how to arrange some Gloriosa superba lilies in a collection of three different sizes of fish bowl vases.

Poppy starts by removing all the leaves and then cutting the stems the same length. All the vases are filled with only a little bit of water. The flowers are then gently curved along the inside of the vase with the stem in water but leaving as much as possible of the flower above water level. 

The larger bowls will hold between 4-6 flowers depending on size. In the small vases she cuts the stems very short and only puts one in each vase. She then arrange the vases along the table with some tealight candles and a few loose flowers on the table as a finishing touch.

A lovely and different way to display flowers in round vases - as well as being very quick and easy. Gloriosa lilies are available all year around and lasts for approximately 4-5 days.

Enjoy the video and why not try the same thing with just one vase and a few stems.

Have a lovely floral day and I'll see you later in the week with more floral arrangements, tips and inspiration.


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