28 March 2016

Floral Media - Blue Flowers in Blue Jugs by McQueens Flowers

Today on Floral Media I want to show you a short video. We are taking a look at what Andrea from the top London florist McQueens Flowers is doing with blue flowers using blue containers.

Andrea is using three blue enamelled vintage jugs; they are different in size and shape but are all in almost the same clear blue colour.

The flowers and foliage he is using are blue delphiniums, Viburnum 'Roseum' or Guelder Rose, eucalyptus, blue hyacinths, Euphorbia and three potted primroses as well as a little bit of moss.

In the first tallest jug he puts some tall bright blue delphiniums - mixed with a few stems of lime green Guelder Rose and some grey green eucalyptus foliage.

The second jug he fills with blue hyacinths and some lime green Euphorbia 

In the third jug he puts some potted primulas or to be exact Primula auricula. He packs three plants into the jug and covers the soil with some moss.

What great colour combinations for spring and all the little arrangements are easy, quick and simple. 

Just the way I like it!! 

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