4 March 2016

A Bunch for the Weekend - # 72 - Pink Hyacinths and Ranunculus

 This week on 'A Bunch for the Weekend' I'm featuring some lovely pink hyacinths and a couple of different pink ranunculus. 

It's not always easy to find flowers that mix well with hyacinths - but ranunculus is one of a few that are perfect as a companion to the quite dominant hyacinth.

I cut off the bulb-bit at the end of the hyacinth stems - as I was using a clear glass container where you can see all the stems. 

I'm using a vintage pickling jar as a vase - these have quickly become one of my favourite kind of container to use as vases. They come in all kinds of sizes and flowers looks great in them.

I also cut the stems at different heights to give the arrangement some visual variation and not to look too neat and tidy. 

This time around I did buy a few different pink ranunculus from my favourite local flower stall. My plan was to use the lighter pink mixed in with the pink hyacinths. I then wanted to make a separate small arrangement with the darker pink.

For the small arrangement I used a small green hand made tumbler - I cut the stems very short and filled the container full with a mix of both open flowers and some still in bud. Love the green and dark pink colours together.  

This is a lovely bowl with hand-painted roses on the sides as well as inside - to go with the floral gardening theme. 

I have used two ribbons from Jane Means' collection. One dotty grosgrain around the container and the same ribbon around the cutlery. Then I used a narrow stitched ribbon for the mini watering can.

The painting in the background is one I found at a car-boot sale a few years back. The red and pink flowers in the painting looks like they could be roses, peonies, poppies, anemones or ranunculus or just a lovely mix of all of them!  

Enjoy your flower arranging and have a fabulous floral weekend!


~ xoxo ~

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1 comment:

Frances said...

Oh yes, those beautiful pale pink ranunculus really do stand up very well to the hyacinth blooms. The look great together.

The tiny watering can is rather wonderful!

I also like the way that the jade green gardening tool handles add to the composition.

Happy Weekend Ingrid. xo

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