10 February 2016

Floral Media - Inspired by Spring from McQueens Flowers

More and more spring flowers as well as many flowering branches are starting to appear. Today I'm featuring an inspiring short video from the London florist McQueens Flowers.

The flowers they used are forsythia with their classic yellow flowers, twisted branches of corkscrew hazel and simple white tulips.

They have used two different kind of clear glass vases - three tall cylinders with straight sides and four slightly smaller also cylinders but with curved sides with a narrower opening at the top.

In the lower curved vases they put just a small amount of water and then one branch of yellow flowering forsythia. The branches are cut down so that they sits inside the vase  - just barely sticking up above the edge. So the whole thing is viewed through the glass.

The other arrangement in the taller cylinders is filled with the same amount of water and then they've combined one cut-down branch of hazel with white tulips. Again most of the hazel sits low in the vase just sticking up above the rim of the vase a little bit. 

There are three tulips in each vase joining the hazel. All the leaves are removed and they are cut at three different lengths giving interest and movement behind the glass.

This shows how to use classic spring flowers and branches in a very modern and contemporary way.

All the vases are grouped together making a strong spring-like statement.

This is a lovely arrangement that is quick and easy to make. Just follow the simple instructions and you'll have one for your table!!

  Have a Lovely Floral Wednesday!

I'll be back later in the week with more floral delights from 
Of Spring and Summer.


~ xoxo ~

[Video provided by McQueens Flowers.]

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Frances said...

The McQueens video was fun to watch, with some quickly shown great spring ideas. Thank you so much for adding details about how to bring these arrangements to completion. I am inspired!


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