3 January 2016

Florets - Floral Quote - # 94 - by Jane Packer

"Vibrant, clashing colours - scarlets, vermilion, crimson, shocking pinks, sapphire blues, sherbet oranges, acid yellows ans lime greens - capture the spirit of city life. Whether you use them in harmonizing shades of a single colour or in startling, breathtaking combinations, flowers in the city should always look strong and contemporary. You can use flowers to create many moods - elegant, chic, ethnic, exotic, serene or sophisticated - all to enhance their surroundings. Use them to bring out the colours in a nearby painting or to complement a collection of objects. Flowers particularly suited to metropolitan living have strong shapes and definite personalities - tulips (Tulipa), roses (Rosa), ranunculus (Ranunculus), gerbera (Gerbera), amaryllis (Hippeastrum and orchids (Cymbidium) all fit the bill."

~ Jane Packer ~

[Jane Packer: (1959-2011) British florist and founder of Jane Packer Flowers and flower school and author of thirteen books.]
[Quote from: Living with Flowers by Jane Packer (1997).]
[Flowers: Deep pink hydrangea and tulips.] 
[Vase: Alvar Aalto white Savoy vase.]
[Styling and photography: © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]

Have a fabulous floral Sunday!

I'll see you again next week.


~ xoxo ~

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