23 January 2016

3 Simple Ways to Arrange a Bunch of Hyacinths

Today I like to feature three ways of arranging the same small bunch of hyacinths by simply using three different containers.

In the first arrangement I have used a vintage blue and white floral patterned jug. It's a great colour contrast with the purple-pink flowers. I also played around by adding some additional floral china plates and platters - not just for fun but also to add colour and give the whole arrangement some more impact.

In the second arrangement I have used a terracotta jug that my son brought back from Cyprus for me as a present.

The handmade shape and texture to the jug is such an interesting contrast to the little pretty individual flowers and all the black jars gives it all a sophisticated feel and tone.

In the last arrangement I have used a vase that I picked up in one of my local charity stores - it's pale grey with faint white stripes. The vase is also much smaller so I could only use three of the ten hyacinth stems.

Unlike the first two arrangements this one is pale and soft in colour and feel. I like how the addition of the darker grey in the fabric gives the arrangement a warmer feel.

I'm hoping you have enjoyed my three different ways of arranging a bunch of hyacinths.

Have a fabulous floral Saturday!

I'll see you again next week.


~ xoxo ~

[Styling and Photography © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]

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1 comment:

Pondside said...

They are all lovely, but the first one catches my eye. I can imagine that I smell their perfume.

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