20 September 2015

Florets - Floral Quote by The Flower Appreciation Society

Pink and white Dahlias

Some of you might remember Florets - my very popular series of blog posts with quotes by florists and other people working with flowers. I did it for almost two years and clocked up nearly one-hundred quotes. The quotes were all by well respected flowery people who have written books on and about flowers.
Well, I have decided to relaunch Florets and the first quote is by two young London florists - Anna and Ellie from The Flower Appreciation Society. I think it's always interesting to hear peoples different views and opinions about all things floral and how to work creatively with flowers.

I hope you will enjoy the quotes and that you will come back for more.

" Dahlias are full of character, from spiky prongs, to tightly packed pompoms, to perfect water lily shapes. We buy these show-stopping blooms by the bucket. Within each bucket there is a firework display of colour: yellow, acid orange, perfect peach, blood red, bubblegum pink, dark aubergine, nearly black. The only colour left out seems to be blue. Originally wild flowers from Mexico, dahlias also belong to the daisy family.These late-summer blooms are wonderful in all sizes of arrangement but beware, their lifespan is short, perhaps because of their splendour."

~ Anna Day and Ellie Jauncey ~

[Anna Day and Ellie Jauncey, The Flower Appreciation Society, British florists and authors of The Flower Appreciation Society - An A-Z of All Things Floral.]
[Quote from: The Flower Appreciation Society - An A Z of All things Floral.]
[Flowers: Pink and white Dahlias.]
[Vase: Clear glass vase.]
[Styling and photography: © Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.]

Have a Happy Floral Sunday!

~ xoxo ~



Jenny said...

Alltså dahlior, vilka sköningar, men vad jag önskar att de kunde slippa grävas upp och måsta förvaras. Mitt tålamod räcker inte riktigt till där. Har två i år, ber en stilla bön att jag ska röka ta hand om dem för de var rackarns fina.

Lisa Gordon said...

A great quote, and a truly beautiful image, Ingrid.

Diana Studer said...

Not a dahlia fan

but that one, is spectacular!

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