17 June 2015

Do-It-Yourself Flower Tips and Inspiration - # 7 - Alstroemeria

Pink Alstroemeria

This time 'Do-It-Yourself  Flower Tips and Inspiration' is all about Alstroemeria.

  • Alstroemeria petals alternate between striped and solid coloured.
  • Originally from Peru were it gets its common name from - Peruvian Lily.
  • Each stem has a spray that bears several blooms. 
  • They are available all year around.
  • The flowers are very long-lasting - about 7-14 days.
  • They come in many different colours - except blue.
  • The flowers are fragile and bruise very easily - so handle with care.
  • The Alstroemeria is named after Clas Alströmer, a pupil of the Swedish botanist Carl von Linné.
  • Nip off any faded flowers to encourage fresh ones to bloom.
  • When you buy them make sure at least one flower bud on each stem has opened. 
  •  Alstroemeria is poisonous to cats and some people are allergic to the flowers.
  • Alstroemeria is sensitive to ethylene gas - so don't put the arrangement near fruit or vegetable. 
  • Alstroemeria is affordable, long-lasting and adds a touch of spice to any arrangement. 

Pink Alstroemeria

Enjoy your flower arranging!

Have a Great Floral Wednesday!

I will see you later in the week with more Do-It-Yourself flowers from 'Of Spring and Summer'.

~ xoxo ~


[Styling and Photography © Ingrid Henningsson - Of Spring and Summer]

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1 comment:

Frances said...

Alstroemeria flowers's numerous colors always amaze me. Every now and then I will see some for sale outside a shop and discover yet another color that's new to me. I appreciate both their beauty and the good long-lasting value they provide.

Ingrid, you've done them proud with this lovely arrangement, inspriring the rest of us one more time. xo

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