27 April 2015

Tiny Blooms - # 14 - Stock Flowers

This series of blog posts - called 'Tiny Blooms - are about small flower arrangements. Small - might be the size of the container or it could be the size of the flowers or the amount of stems in each container. It will also be that the arrangement is minimal both in presentation and that it's quick and easy to do. Apart from that there are no other strict rules - I'm allowing myself a lot of creative freedom!

Remove the lower leaves, cut the stems and put in a pretty container with fresh water. 

Stock flowers are so beautiful and look absolutely gorgeous simply arranged on their own.

That is all you need to do!! Simple, quick and easy!

Have a Lovely Floral Monday!

I'll see you later in the week with more flowers from 
'Of Spring and Summer'

~ xoxo ~


[Styling and Photography © Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.]


Betty said...

I have a small jug this size, must keep it in mind when stock is in the shops, I love the smell of these flowers. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful bunch of flowers in beautiful purple lilac shades.
We have orange-day! Our king's birthday!
Have a nice day!

With love, Gerry

Frances said...

Ingrid, somehow I forgot to leave you a message letting you know how much I do like ranuncula flowers...all those layers of petals in colors that combine so very beautifully. The way in which you displayed them without any leaves, in the pretty old bottles on the tray was sublime!

Now, on to stock, another flower that I admire so very much, yet for some reason have rarely bought. Thank you for giving me some motivation to take another look at these tiny blooms.

(I'm pleased to report that so far I'm managing to keep two lovely geranium plants flowering on my window sill...one is pale pink with deeper rose veining, and the other is a deep fuschia with delicate flowers. Very cheery to see them every morning!)


Madelief said...

A beautiful bouquet Ingrid. The smell is heavenly too!

Have a good week!

Madelief x

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