4 April 2015

A Bunch for the Weekend - # 46 - Bright Yellow Daffodils


This week on 'A Bunch for the Weekend' - I'm featuring three different daffodils. Their botanical or Latin name are Narcissus.

The three are: 
- the small Narcissus with an orange middle is called 'Golden Dawn' 
- the single daffodil with the ruffled cup is called 'Carlton' 
- the large double daffodil is called 'Golden Ducat'.

They are all from the organic flower farm Forever Green Flower Company - so all British grown. 


You'll need:

- about 25 stems of daffodils, here I have used 9 'Golden Dawn', 9 'Carlton' and 7 'Golden Ducat' 
- a medium sized clear glass containers - I have used a clear glass apothecary jar
- three shimmering mini glass bud vases in gold, silver and green
- five little toy "spring lambs"
- a small piece of fabric - green with cream dots
- ribbon, a light yellow grosgrain stitched ribbon from Jane Means, to tie around the neck of the container

For conditioning the flowers - you'll also need:

- a pair of florists scissors
- a florist bucket filled with fresh water

Condition the flowers by removing any leaves that would end up below the water line in the vase. This is to reduce any growth of bacteria from deteriorating leaves. Also remove any broken or bruised leaves.

Cut the stems at an angle - this is to increase water absorption.  

Put in a clean container with fresh water and leave in a cool, dark place over night or at least for a few hours, to let the flowers absorb the maximum of water, before making the final arrangement.

You might have to re-cut the stems while making the final arrangement to suit the size of the vase or container and to get the right proportions.

Arrange the flowers in your hand - making a round dome-shaped bouquet - mix the flowers so that you have an even spread of the three different sized flowers throughout the arrangement.

Before you make the final cut - put the container at the edge of the work surface and hold the arrangement next to it to measure where to cut. You want the lower flowers to sit just above the edge of the container.

This arrangement is as bright as they come and really show that spring is here to stay. I certainly welcome bright yellow daffodils at this time of year - but maybe not so much yellow the rest of the year. What about you - is yellow a colour you use all year around? 


Have a Happy Floral Saturday and 
Enjoy Your Easter Weekend!

~ xoxo ~


[Styling and Photography © Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer]
[Ribbon by Jane Means.]
[Flowers from Forever Green Flower Company.] 


Anonymous said...

Vilken vacker påskbukett!
Egentligen är kanske inte gult min favoritfärg för blommor, men påskliljor är så vackra!
Fortsatt trevlig påsk till dej!

Janneke said...

Lovely Easter bouquet of daffodils and the pretty little sheep give that so much needed spring feeling with these cold and wet days.

Things and Thoughts said...

Nothing more beautiful than a yellow bunch of daffodils .
Wishing you a happy Easter Ingrid!

Betty said...

Simple but with impact! Lovely arrangement and I like the sheep. I love daffodils but don't like their smell sadly so they are mostly kept outside!

Lisa Gordon said...

What a beautiful arrangement, Ingrid!
Happy Easter to you.

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