23 December 2014

FLOWERS by ingrid and titti - Happy Christmas!

This time on 'FLOWERS by ingrid and titti' - Titti and I would like to wish you a very 'Happy Christmas!'

I have put together a hamper full of inspiration for some last minute Christmas decorating and present wrapping.

The famous London store Fortnum and Mason has been selling their hampers for nearly 300 years. Here is a link to the history of the Fortnum and Mason hamper

We were given one over 25 years ago and I kept the basket - of course I did - doesn't everyone! I have used it many times as a prop and here it is again full of delights.

I have of course added some flowers and other plant material - this collaboration with Titti is after all called 'FLOWERS'. Even though its in the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere and sometimes not that easy to find seasonal cut flowers. But there are plenty of other plant material that you can use for the festive season. 

Here are a few suggestions: 

- mini Poinsettia in little silver pots
- a mini Christmas tree with some bakers' twine bows
- a wreath made out of dried slices of orange, limes and apples with some dried chillies and cinnamon sticks
- a few little branches of Ilex with bright red berries 

The hamper is filled with all kinds of things useful if you are doing some of those last minute decorating and other preparations for Christmas.

- red ribbons in a few different designs - for wrapping presents and tying bows on paper bags, wreaths and tree - all the ribbons are designed by the lovely Jane Means
- red vintage Christmas tree baubles - for decorating the tree
- red and white little paper bags - useful for small presents to put under the tree
- red and white mushrooms - for decorating presents, tree or wreaths
- twine and string in different colours and thickness - for wrapping and tying bows on presents, wreaths, tree and candle holders
- wide hessian ribbon - for wrapping presents and making bows 

All of these suggestions are quick, easy and not very expensive to do and it's quite fun to be creative.

Titti Malmberg - my collaborator on FLOWERS - who is based in Sweden - is also wishing everybody 'Happy Christmas!' - or in her case 'God Jul!'. 

So please go over and see what she has done on her blog HWIT BLOGG.

You can see all our FLOWERS posts HERE and also on Pinterest.

Have a Happy and Wonderful Floral Christmas!

See you later in the week!

~ xoxo ~ 


[Styling and photography © Ingrid Henningsson for FLOWERS and Of Spring and Summer.]
[All ribbons designed by Jane Means.] 


HWIT BLOGG said...

Åhh så juligt och fint hos dig! Gillar idéen med korgen, att fylla den med en massa blommor och pynt...
Önskar dig en härlig tisdag och framförallt EN RIKTIGT GOD JUL vännen!
Kram Titti

angie said...

dear ingrid, merry christmas !!! their pictures are very beautiful !!! love all of angie from Germany

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

You were wise to keep the basket, it is a good prop and I like the dried fruit wreath.
Merry Christmas from Canada!

Connie said...

Absolutely beautiful . . . I love, love, love that wreath :)
Merry Christmas.
Connie :)

Jarka Panci said...

Ingrid, very beautiful fotos...flowers...inspiration...
Merry Christmas from Czech republic.

Madelief said...

What a beautiful Christmas post and hamper it is! Wishing you and Titti a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Sparkling New Year!

Madelief x

Janneke said...

Of course you kept the hamper, the basket is useful for all kind of things. Thanks for all the inspiration over the year and wishing you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best for 2015!

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

A hamper full of Christmas joy... how beautiful.
A very Merry Christmas to you from way across the sea.
Susan x

Annika Christensen said...

Det var en fin julhälsning du bjuder på.
Krans av torkade frukter är en favorit hos mig.
Ha en skön JUL
Nu vidare till Titti

Jenny said...

Härliga bilder!

God jul,

Our photos said...

Very nice ! I love the dried orange slices !

Marit Bekkevold Skoglund said...

Ønsker deg en riktig god og glad jul.
Røde blomster og tilbehør er bare så herlig. Har huset fullt av dem nå.
Juleklem fra Marit

Christa atCedarmereFarm said...

Hi Ingrid, what a fun basket. I particularly like your orange wreath. I visited Titti's and Jane's blogs. They are very pretty. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Lots of love, Christa

Jann Olson said...

Hi Ingrid. I hopped over from Titti's blog. I have a weakness for hampers and have been stacking them in my entry. I love how you have filled yours! Vintage ornaments and the little mushrooms are just precious! Every year I think that I want to make an orange wreath and I never get around to it. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Vicky said...

Wonderful pictures.I wish you a merry Christmas and much happiness with your loved ones!

Frances said...

What a splendidly jolly Christmas hamper you have created, Ingrid! In my opinion, what you have done with the F&M hamper has added to its atmospheric handsomeness.

Thank you for all the ideas you have given us here, and in all your posts throughout the year.

Happy Christmas! xo

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