7 November 2014

Sarah Raven - How to Make a Stunning Autumn Table Wreath

Sarah Raven is one of my favourite gardeners. To begin with Sarah trained as a doctor, then as a florist before becoming a gardener, a BBC Gardner's World presenter, a teacher, the writer of many both gardening and cookbooks and she runs her own business. I have done some of her workshops and I can tell you she's also a lovely lady and lots of fun.

In this brand new video Sarah is showing you how to make a wreath for the table - and she is using some new and exciting ingredients. The wreath has both a lot of colour and will work for the whole festive season - so start making plans!

I love the combination of plants and foliage in this wreath and I hope you like it too!

Have a Lovely Floral Friday and a Great Weekend!

~ xoxo ~


PS. I'll be back with 'A Bunch for the Weekend' next week - I'm just having a little mini break.


Lisa Gordon said...

This is gorgeous, Ingrid. So perfect for a Thanksgiving table. Thank you for sharing the video. xo.

The Gilded Bloom said...

What a lovely and festive addition to the autumn table! The colors and floral elements are exquisite. Thanks so much for sharing this instructional and inspiring video, Ingrid!

braunelle said...

Hello Ingrid,
I love her as well although she is very business-minded.
I saw her in September at De Boschhoeve in Netherlands. Have a lovely Weekend

Frances said...

Ingrid, this wreath is so lovely, as are each of the compositions of natural beauties in the prior post. Much inspiration.

I also love cyclamen plants, particularly the white variety.

Do enjoy your break. xo

HWIT BLOGG said...

Åh vilken krans! Så härlig med alla färger och ljusen...den där hortensian får jag nog leta efter!
Önskar dig en skön helg vännen, take care!

Janneke said...

Lovely to see the various foliage and combinations Sarah is using, I like it.

AnnA said...

Hi Ingrid!
Funny, how I recently recieved one of her books from an English friend...I have never heard about ger before.
Best wishes,

Christa atCedarmereFarm said...

Hi Ingrid, that's a beautiful autumnal wreath. I am inspired. Thank you

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