28 November 2014

A Bunch for the Weekend - # 31 - Big Pink Chrysanthemums

This week on 'A Bunch for the Weekend' - I'm featuring some large pink Chrysanthemums.

This is the last of the autumn flowers because on Monday its December and for the whole month I will be featuring lots of seasonal flowers, branches and foliage of one kind or another - for Christmas and New Years.

You'll need:

- 5 stems of large pink Chrysanthemums 
- a medium size vase or container in a contrasting colour - I have chosen a turquoise pottery jug 
- a vintage grain sack with some interesting writing on it

For conditioning the flowers - you'll also need:

- florists snippers or scissors
- a florist bucket

As always - you need to condition the flowers - remove all the lower leaves that would end up below the waterline in the vase. Cut the stems at an angle - to increase water absorption. Put in a clean container with cold water and leave in a cool place over night or at least a few hours before making the final arrangement.

I have removed most of the leaves - even those above the water line. I wanted to really show off the pink blooms against the dark turquoise colour of the jug. Cut a few of the stems so that they sit lower - almost resting on the edge of the jug and leave the others a bit longer. Measure by putting the vase at the edge of the table or counter top and hold the stem next to the side of the vase to get a sense where to make the cut.

The cloth I'm using underneath the jug is one I have used before. I love the rough texture of it and I think the light grey writing on it is so much fun. Its a grain sack from my Grandfathers old country store.

This is my little farewell to 'Autumn' - a season I really enjoy so much with all its strong colours - berries, twigs and leaves. I have to except that its now winter and I have to move on.

I'll see you on Sunday with 'Flowers of the Month' - showing you all the flowers I have featured during the month of November.  

Have a Happy Floral Friday and a Great Weekend!

~ xoxo ~


[Styling and Photography © Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.]


Frances said...

Ingrid, the lilacy-pink of those mums looks so, so beautiful against the blue and greens of the jug. each color feeds the others with visual energy.


angie said...

wow, ihr strauß ist wundervoll!!! angie

Madelief said...

Beautiful Chrysanthemums Ingrid. Love the pink in combination with the green vase.

Have a good weekend!

Madelief x

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