12 October 2014

Florets - Floral Quote by Hans Blomquist

"For me, plants and foliage are an essential element of any home: they bring an interior to life. Even better, they absorb carbon dioxide and are very effective at purifying the air, removing pollutants and toxins such as formaldehyde. I leave my plants to grow freely - I don't like anything too manicured or too neat, preferring a random, jungly effect. Some of my favourites are scented geraniums for their wonderful perfume, Sparmannia africana for its large, light green leaves and Muechlenbeckia complexa, which grows with great vigour and has a dense tangle of dark stems. In the natural home, foliage or flowers should be as close to nature as possible: think of a long branch studded with blossom in the spring, an armful of flowering grasses in summer, and bare, leafless twigs in autumn."

~ Hans Blomquist ~ 

[Hans Blomquist: Swedish-born, Paris-based interiors stylist, art director and author of two books The Natural Home, published 2012 and In Detail, published October 2014.]
[Quote from: The Natural Home by Hans Blomquist.]
[Flowers: Sedum, ferns and ivy - all from my autumn garden in London.]
[Container: Large vintage preserving jar.]
[Styling and photography © Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.] 

PS. I'll be taking a break from Florets for now. I have some new and exiting plans for a new series of blog posts - and guess what - it will involve lots of flowers!!   

Have a Lovely Floral Sunday!

~ xoxo ~



Janneke said...

Simple but beautiful!

Annika Christensen said...

Vilken färg på kärleksörten.
Utställning är på våren den börjar den 17 april och håller på till den 18 maj.
Allt gott

Lisa Gordon said...

What a beautiful combination, Ingrid!
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. xo.

Nat L. said...

J'adore ce bouquet Ingrid !

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