24 June 2014

Book Review - Backyard Style by Matthew Mead

Book cover-Backyard Style by Matthew Meads

It's summertime and we like to spend more time outside in the warm weather. Matthew Meads latest book Backyard Style will give you lots of inspirational ideas to use - in your own backyard, porch, balcony or the park. 

This is the second time I have the opportunity to review one of Matthew's books. The first one was called Ultimate Recycled Style Guide and here is a link to that review.

In a quote by Matthew he says: "These pages are all about capturing the inspiration of backyards everywhere. I wanted to share all the ways to live in, savor, decorate, and create your own at-home haven."

Inviting friends and neighbours over for a drink in your garden is part of the pleasures of summer. 

"As the ice melts in the cocktails - or even a simple glass of sparkling water - the herbs and berries release their subtle flavors. Guests will appreciate the extra effort you took to make their drinks."

Gardening is also part of the pleasures of having a garden - but garden paraphernalia tend to accumulate and we all need some smart storage weather for gardening tools and terracotta pots.

"Green thumbs have a tendency to run amok gathering garden paraphernalia. To solve your storage woes, look for secondhand cabinets that can be used outdoors."

In one chapter the American interior designer Bunny Williams works her magic with flowers and creates a meadow inspired arrangement.

"Zinnias in greens and a whisper pinks (accented by a few more radiant shades tucked in) add "weight" and pop to the bouquet while repeating the meadow motif. The finished understated creation is every inch a Bunny Williams masterpiece." 

A whole lovely chapter is devoted to roses - growing them as well as using them in food and crafts.

"With their heavenly fragrance, romantic roses are easy to love - it's the growing of them that can seem scary. But, by choosing the right varieties and following our care tips, you'll enjoy these stellar beauties in your garden and home." 

You'll find flowers, lots of beautiful flowers.......

....and more beautiful flowers!

" Create a simple cutting garden with your favorite flowering annuals to provide you with pretty bouquets all summer long."

In the chapter Backyard Blooms Matthew has created lots of different arrangements in vintage vases and containers from flea markets and thrift shops.

"Embellish a vintage watering can with an antique paint technique and a stencil. The great thing about a galvanized can is that it can be put to use as both a vase and a utilitarian tool."

You'll also find delicious looking recipes and fun craft projects - all making your outdoor area into an enjoyable place to spend time with family and friends. 

Have a Wonderful Floral Day!

See you later in the week.

xoxo Ingrid


Ruth @ Camellia Rose said...

Sounds like a great book, I'll have to keep an eye out for it! A whole chapter on roses... yes please :)

HWIT BLOGG said...

Ser ut att vara en jättefin bok! Alltid bra med nya boktips även om dom inte finns här i våra svenska bokhandlare...
Ha en skön vecka Ingrid!

Georgianna said...

Very much enjoyed your review, Ingrid. I used to follow Matthew Mead but lost track of what he was doing in recent years. Thanks so much! Great to see more beautiful styling and ideas from him.

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