2 February 2014

Florets - Floral Quote - # 49 - by Malin Hidesäter

"I couldn't agree with anyone who doesn't like yellow. No other colour brings out the desire in me to go out and buy flowers. Just think of daffodils! Those long green stalks lying in boxes in the grocery store in the spring are like ugly ducklings.They may not look like much until they brilliantly transform into beautiful sun-yellow trumpets."

~ Malin Hidesäter ~

[Malin Hidesäter: Swedish florist, flower expert, TV presenter and author of Flower Power.]
[Quote: from Flower Power by Malin Hidesäter and Anna Skoog.]
[Flowers: Yellow daffodils.]
[Vase: Glass votive candle holders used as vases.]
[Other props: Fabric, stretched small painted canvases and bakers' twine.]
[Styling and photography by Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.]

Have a Lovely Floral Sunday!

See you soon again!

xoxo Ingrid


Lisa Gordon said...

The yellow and blue is just perfect, Ingrid!
Happy Sunday to you!

Frances said...

I took a walk this afternoon to the tiny flower shop where, three weeks ago, I bought beautifully optimistic potted hyacinths. They have bloomed and continue to bloom so beautifully.

My visit was made to compliment the shop on the vitality of these hyacinths. I was advised that I could cut the fully bloomed hyacinths, put them in a vase for continued enjoyment, and then...that these hyacinth bulbs might flower again in 2015.

Could this magic actually be possible for me, living in a small, overheated, NYC apartment? Might I be wise to donate the bulbs to someone who has access to the 'great outdoors?'

The shop had a wide array of colorful cut tulips on offer. I will surely return for some of these tulips next week.

Tomorrow snow is forecast for New York. Not much, but enough to let us wave goodbye for a while to today's warmth.

Your collaboration with Titti is so much fun to see. Even in a city apartment.


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