12 January 2014

Florets - Floral Quote # 46 by Tricia Guild and Elspeth Thompson

"Translucence. Water forms part of the essential elemental nature of flowers: they rise out of the earth, draw water up their stems, move and breathe in the air and open their petals to the fiery sun. It was its perfect embodiment of the four elements that made the lotus the ultimate spiritual flower in ancient Eastern scriptures. Water is as integral a part of a flower arrangement as the vase. It reminds us that flowers are living things - even glossy tulips or candy-pink gerberas, which can seem almost plastic in their perfection."

~ Tricia Guild and Elspeth Thompson ~ 

[Tricia Guild: British interior designer, founder and Creative Director of Designers Guild; and author of fifteen design books. 
Elspeth Thompson: 1961-2010, British author of fifteen books on gardening, interiors and craft; and journalist for The Sunday Telegraph, the Guardian and the Observer, writing on gardening and interiors.]
[Quote from: Cut Flowers by Tricia Guild.]
[Flowers: Pink parrot tulips.]
[Vase: Vintage bottle with washi tape.]
[Styling and photography: © Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.] 

Have a Wonderful Floral Sunday!

Back soon!

xoxo Ingrid


Christa atCedarmereFarm said...

Ingrid, what a beautiful photo; so simple and fresh.

HWIT BLOGG said...

Fantastiska ord om en enkel tulipan...
Ha en underbar söndag Ingrid!
Kram Titti

Our photos said...

Beautiful tulips!

Lin said...

Lovely quote, and oh how I love pink tulips. An absolute favorite!
Have a lovely day, Ingrid!
~ Lin

Lisa Gordon said...

These tulips are beautiful, Ingrid, and I always love the quotes that you find.

Janneke said...

Such a true and beautiful words of Elspeth Thompson.

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