3 June 2013

Lomelinos Glass

This is a beautiful and very pretty video - about a book called Lomelinos Glass - written by Linda Lomelino.

Lomelinos glass (Lomelino´s Ice cream) from Linda Lomelino on Vimeo.

Glass is Swedish for ice cream - so you've guessed it - the book is about ice cream - home-made ice cream -  and it's Linda's second book - her first was about cakes - called Lomelinos Tårtor.

All the photographs are taken by Linda and it's published by Bonniers Fakta. 

Linda is one of these creative and multi-talented Swedes - she bakes, writes books, is a photographer, makes videos, plays in a band and writes the blog Call Me Cupcake.

The ice cream books is only available in Swedish at the moment - but the cake book is translated into Dutch and Finnish.

Linda is in a band called Death in the Afternoon and you can hear some of their music on the video. 

Linda is on Facebook Twitter and Pinterest.

I also found some beautiful images taken by Linda - of course I love how she uses flowers to decorate her cakes - how pretty is that!


Have a wonderful week and I will see you soon.

xoxo Ingrid

[Images: Linda Lomelino.]


Frances said...

Summer is truly here in New York...even if the official opening date is a few weeks off.

So far, no ice cream/gelato for me, but that status will surely change later this week.

Please be on the lookout for an email from me.


Frances said...

Ingrid, as always you've shown us great possibilities that flowers can offer us.

I've been trying to find a way to send an email to you. A few weeks ago, I had a weekend opportunity to renew acquaintances with Lotta. She gave me a sample silkscreen floral print on linen.

I think that I'll incorporate this linen square into another project.

Spring is suddenly switching into summer here in NYC. Hot!

Think that we'll have a reprieve soon. xo

Janneke said...

These flowery cakes look wonderful and will taste delicious.

Nat L. said...

Miam ! I love the second and fourth photos. It makes you really want

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