20 May 2013

Flowers and Vintage Flickr Group - Roses

I am continuing the theme of 'Unusual Containers' - and this time the flowers are Roses.

I wanted to show a very traditional flower like the rose being arranged in some unusual containers. 

Roses are the world's most popular flowers and there are so many of them that you'll find one for every taste.  

Red Rose
Image by Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer

"There are roses for every soil and position. There are roses for tropical climates and roses that will flourish in the Arctic Circle. Most roses bloom non-stop until the first frost of winter; in warm climates, they flower for 12 months of the year. They tolerate neglect, but respond generously to extra care. For the lazy gardeners - and busy people with little time to waste - roses cannot be beaten." 
[From The Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Roses.]

Shabby Roses in Mercury Glass
Image by Jessica Enig at Such Pretty Things

Pretty pitcher

Rose Love
Image by Loreta at All the Beautiful Things

mille fleurs
Image by Ingrid Jansen at Wool and Wood Stool

little teapot
Image by Kathryn at Secrets of a Butterfly

a rose is a rose is a rose
Image by Ingrid Jansen at Wool and Wood Stool

flowers and Moroccan blue pottery
Image by Maryam Montague at My Marrakesh

pink rose with black ceramics
Image by Sabine Wittig at Azurweiss

Red Cherries and Pink Roses
Image by Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer

All images are from my Flickr group Flowers and Vintage - and they all link back to Flickr and the photographer's blog or web site. 

If you enjoy taking photographs of flowers in combination with vintage - join Flowers and Vintage over on Flickr.

I'll be back later in the week with another couple of posts.

Ingrid xx


NinaH said...

Nu har jag fröjdat mig här på din blogg en stund! Suck! Underbart!!;-)

Michaela said...

Inspiring post! Lovely containers.. roses look good in anything!

mickeyjhon said...

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SharH said...

Absolutely stunning!Your attention to detail...
wonderfully vintage.Warm
Blessings to you.

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