31 May 2013

Floral Fusion - Sweet Peas and Blue Bottles

As a little girl I used to garden with my Dad - much, much later on in 1993 I took my first gardening course and I have been gardening ever since. Since then I also trained as a gardener and garden designer for three years and I taught plants and plant knowledge for six years - all at The English Gardening School in London. 

There has been a large amount of gardening magazines that has gone through my hands - I don't want to dwell on that subject for too long. The only one I still subscribe to is the Which? Gardening - it's the Consumer Association's gardening magazine - I find I can still learn lots from reading it.

Well, in the last issue they featured sweet peas and roses two of my favourites and when I found sweet peas at the local farmers market I was really inspired. 

As vases I am using some cobalt blue vintage glass bottles. A few are medicine or apothecary bottles - it says "POISON" and "NOT TO BE TAKEN" on some of them.

When I am not using the dark blue glass bottles they usually sit on a windowsill in our study and they are beautiful when the sun shines through the glass.

Some of my vintage blue buttons in little blue bowls are always pretty.

Little blue and white cups from the flea market - these are Blue Fluted Plain from Royal Copenhagen - a classic design that is now also made in a re-interpreted more contemporary design.  

In the early 1980's I started to collect blue and white floral china and I was known to frequent an antique shop on Mill Lane called Putnam's. It was owned by a lovely lady called Antoinette Putnam but she moved her shop to Covent Garden and we lost touch. Antoinette also designed fabrics inspired by the blue and white floral china she sold in her shop. 

I am so happy to still have one of her fabrics, this blue and white floral fabric that I have used as a background is called Lottie. 

Sweet peas are adored for their scent and colours - and they are great as cut flowers. Sweet peas are hardy annuals and they are a fantastic climber for a cutting garden. You can grow them up a tepee, over an arch or as a tunnel.

I hope you are having a great week - see you on Sunday for my weekly Florets - another inspirational floral quote.

Ingrid xoxo 


Things and Thoughts said...

These color combinations are to die for!These flowers are sublime,we don't have them here.

LandHausLeben said...

Have a nice weekend!
Hugs, Carmen

Manuela Albanese - Cross Stitch Designer said...

wonderful photos !!!

Frances said...

Ingrid, these photos are exceptionally beautiful. Sweet Peas are definitely amongst my very favorite flowers. The scent, the scent! Those blue bottles suit the sweet peas so very well.

Your Royal Copenhagen cups were real treasures ... I cannot imagine their being part of a flea market. The blue and white fabric has a wonderful pattern.

Hot here in New York. I look forward to having Sunday off. xo

Crystal Grandeur said...

Your post makes me feel so happy.Beautiful flowers with lovely colours.The blue bottles are true treasures.Thank you for this share...:):)

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