26 April 2013

Flowers and Vintage Flickr Group - Orange Flowers

The colour orange is a bit like yellow - some people think it's a difficult colour. I have a friend who won't shop at Sainsbury's because their branding colour is orange!

Orange is such a lovely colour especially in the autumn - a season I love here in London.

I often associate orange with pumpkins, crab apples, chrysanthemums, dahlias, rose hips and autumn leaves.

Orange Chrysanthemums
Image by Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer

There are also lots of lovely orange food - oranges, carrots, apricots, mango and sweet potato to name a few.

What I found interesting was that when looking for images with orange flowers the one flower I found the most of was orange ranunculus - a flower that is available in the spring.

There are so many other flowers in lovely orange shades from tulips in the early spring to roses and many different annuals in the summer through to dahlias, crocosmia and sunflowers in the autumn. 

Image by Loreta at allthebeautifulthings

orange and pink
Image by Elena Kovyrzina at elenakovyrzinadesignandphotography

Still life
Image by Mirka Wolfova at mirkawolfova


Image by Emma at heiressflowers

Image by Marne at heylucy

“Campanellino, perché non riesco a volare?” “Peter Pan, per volare hai bisogno di ritrovare i tuoi pensieri felici!”
Image by Elena 

Image by C. Mariani

Orange Flowers
Image by cafenohut

pink orange & green
Image by Ingrid Jansen at woodwoolstool

Thanksgiving Colours
Image by Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer


All the images are from my Flickr group Flowers and Vintage.

All photographs link back to Flickr and to the photographer's blog or website. 

I hope you enjoyed some of the orange flowers and was inspired to do some spring arrangements using orange flowers.

Thanks for the visit and see you soon!

xoxo Ingrid


MarieMaze said...

My favourite colour - thank you for sharing these beautiful photos.


Laila said...

Så mycket fina vackra foton ♥
Lite kul att jag precis kommer in på din blogg om orangeblommor när jag precis själv la ut ett inlägg om just det.
Trevlig helg på dig :-)

HWIT BLOGG said...

Åhhh vilka bilder! Man blir ju så himla glad av den färgen....
Ha en skön helg!


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