22 April 2013

Floral Fusion - Here Comes Spring!

I have a lovely book of flowers that cheers me up every time I look at it. It's called Flower Power and it's written by Malin Hidesäter and the photography is by Anna Skog.   

Originally written in Swedish - it was then translated and I have the English edition. It was published in 2007 - so it's not a new book but I managed to get it on Amazon Marketplace.

Malin is a well-known Swedish florist and I love all her colourful flower arrangements in the book. 

This is not a book review -but I just wanted to tell you where my inspiration for this weeks Floral Fusion came from.

The main flower that I have used is a lovely double orange tulip with green streaks and I'm afraid I have to admit I don't know the name of it.

I used an old re-cycled tin as a vase and I decorated it with a bright orange washi tape - that has four different patterns on it. So already lively and bright - perfect for the occasion!

The other little container that I used for the secondary very small arrangement - is a vintage - ready for this - fish paste jar! I tied a narrow strip of fabric around it's neck as a little colourful decoration.  

As my vintage objects I have used a small round bowl from the 1960's that has an interesting orange glaze and an odd little vintage button or decoration of some sort - the holes are around the edge not in the middle - probably from the 1930's - also in unusual colours. 

You can also see a strip of the washi tape that I used to decorate the tin with.

The three large vintage letters are part of a small collection of D's - that is the first letter in our son's name and I bought them when he was just a little guy - to decorate his room with. The two larger red ones are wooden and the smaller one is metal with an enamelled yellow colour.

The two fabrics that I have used as background are from The Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead - my favourite fabric store. 

The bright orange one with tiny cream dots is called Recess by American Jane Patterns and the lighter one with very small flowers is called Toy Box II is designed by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabrics.      

A few more little treasures - from the top: vintage child's hanger with silk thread wound around the hanger and small bits of ribbon, a necklace that my daughter gave me as a present bought in France, orange multi-patterned washi tape, vintage button/decoration and at the bottom a strip of torn and frayed fabric - the same as the background fabric - just to add some texture.

The last image is a close-up of the fantastic orange double tulips in the washi tape decorated re-cycled tin. 

Thanks for visiting and for making comments.

Till very soon!

xoxo Ingrid


Christa atCedarmereFarm said...

Dear Ingrid,
I loved how you turn a useless tin can into a charming vase. You have inspired me to create something today.

Ada Polichetti said...

I do not have the book you mentioned, but one of my favortie activities when I need inspiration is looking at your pictures through Pinteres, Fb or in your blog, they bring me into the right mood and your color compositions are simply adorable!

Cyndi Murdoch said...

I love all of the orange. It reminds me of my bedroom when I was in high school. First I painted it lime green but it was so bright I couldn't sleep so I toned it down by painting it bright orange...lol

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