3 April 2013

Books and Magazines - The Flower Recipe Book

I am so glad I discovered Studio Choo and the two talented ladies who runs it,  Althea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo. The first time I came across them was when I was compiling my series of flower arranging videos. Here is a link to that post. The very short video was a presentation of their soon to be published book The Flower Recipe Book.

As soon as I saw the video featuring the book I knew it was a "must have book" for me. 

The Flower Recipe Book is written by Althea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo who are the founders of the San Francisco based flower design studio Studio Choo. The book is published by Artisan/Workman Publishing Company and the beautiful photography is by Paige Green

The book shows you how to make one-hundred seasonal flower arrangements. Each arrangement has a recipe just like a cookbook with a list of ingredients and instructions on how to make it.

There is an ingredient chart covering different types of flowers, foliage, seed pods and berries. There are also chapters on what tools to use, choosing the right vessel,  different conditioning techniques and lots of other nifty tips.   

Many of the forty-three flowers features three different arrangements in progressive complexity - starting in the first recipe by using the flowers on their own. In the second recipe you add two to three more ingredients and in the last one there can be as many as six to eight additional ingredients.

The last and more complex recipe for each flower also displays all the ingredients laid out on an old wooden surface showing all the different components in all their glory.  

This arrangement is in the rose chapter and features roses with three other added flowers and foliage.

This recipe with Amaryllis, for more special occasions, has eight additional flowers, twigs, berries and leaves.

The last two images features Ranunculus and thistles on their own - beautifully arranged in interesting containers showing off the colour and texture of the flowers.

I hope you've enjoyed my little book review and been inspired to make your own flower arrangements.

Thanks for visiting!

xoxo Ingrid


martinealison said...

Merci de nous faire découvrir ce livre qui me semble merveilleux...
gros bisous

Frances said...

I laughed when I realized that the recipes would lead to beautiful arrangements, not to delicious meals!

The book looks as if it would be a very complete guide, with lots of tips on conditioning the flowers before the arranging begins.

Many thanks for the recommendation. xo

Dale said...

hi ingrid,

the book was published in 2012.

best wishes,



Hi Dale,
Thanks for your visit and your comment.
Both Artisan, the publisher and Amazon tells me the book was published in 2013.
Best wishes,

Country Flora said...

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Georgianna said...

GREAT review, Ingrid! This book is a must have, definitely, and how clever it is with all the ingredients laid out. I really look forward to getting a copy, probably tomorrow!

Hope you have some warm weather finally this weekend.

xo G

p. s. Yes, the book was just published this week.

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