4 March 2013

Paula Pryke 2012 - Flower Arranging Video

This is the second flower arranging video presented by Paula Pryke. She runs a very successful flower business based in London and she is one of the most famous and respected florists in the world.

In this video she shows you how to make a quick and easy spring arrangement using daffodils.

The video is 3:34 min long.

Grab a cup of coffee and watch some of these other videos. They are all brilliant, informative and easy to learn from.

Here are the links:

1. How to Care for Your Flowers presented by the American florist Nico de Swert - 6:26 min. A lot of very useful hints.

2. How to Create a Hand Tied Bunch of Flowers presented by the British gardener, writer and presenter Sarah Raven - 10:15 min. It's long - but she shows you a different but brilliant way to make a hand tied bunch!

3. Flowers Every Day presented by the British florist and author Paula Pryke - 3:53 min. Just lovely!

4. LA in Bloom presented by the American food and lifestyle blogger Heather Taylor and the florist Holly Vesecky - 5:44 min.

5. How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer presented by the American florist Rebecca Cole - 3:57 min.

6. Rountree Flowers NYC  presented by the NYC based florist Jessie Weidinger - 1:47 min - a short one.

7. How to Arrange Flowers Like a Pro - here is the second video presented by Rebecca Cole. She shows a great way of making a vase arrangement - 5:08 min.

I so hope you enjoy watching some of these short videos and that you have picked up a few tips that you can use next time you arrange some flowers.

Thanks for the visit and for making lovely comments.

I'll see you back here again soon.

xoxo Ingrid

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