8 March 2013

Flowers and Vintage Flickr Group - Carnations

Red Pinks
Image by Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer

In her book At Home With Flowers, the late Jane Packer said about carnations: "The flowers aren't particularly special, but the secret is to buy and arrange them en masse to make an impact."

Nikki Tibbles says the same in her book Wild At Heart: "Often thought of as "no" rather than "now" flowers, red carnations earn their place in a serene setting when moulded into soft domes and set in grey ceramic vases. Used en masse, the flower heads dissolve into a soft study of colour and form."

Carnations has for a long time for many people not been a popular cut flower to use and have had a bad reputation despite the fact that they are long-lasting, offer good value for money and come in many different colours. 

Many florists have now started to use carnations again and then often uses them en masse.  Or just put a few in a small vase like in most of these images. I think combined with the right vase they look rather sweet.

Carnations, pinks and Sweet Williams are all part of the same genus Dianthus and there are hundreds of species. As cut flowers carnations come as 'bloom carnations' and 'spray carnations' and they are available all year around.

Pink with texture
Image by Joke Gaasendam

Image by Natalie

Thursday pics: flowers and wool
Image by Ilaria at idainteriorlifestyle

A pretty carnation
Image by Silvia Houben at cosiness

Pink Carnations
Image by Jessica Enig at suchprettythings

Image by Inge at byinck

Honey and Mustard
Image by Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer

I hope you liked some of the carnation arrangements and that you found some inspiration for when you next come across some carnations at the florist of farmers market.


All images are from my Flickr group Flowers and Vintage and they all link back to Flickr and the photographers website or blog.


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Janneke said...

I am so glad carnations are back again, I always loved them.

koralee said...

I have to admit carnations are one of my favourite flowers.....love their scent too. Thank you for visiting me the other day.

MarieMaze said...

Hi Ingrid - I love your blog! The photos of carnations are beautiful - they are such an under rated flower but make stunning arrangements, especially when used on their own.

30s Magazine said...

Hi Ingrid,
Your blog is just lovely! It was a pleasure meeting you at Meet the Blogger. Like I said in our intro at the imaginary swimming pool, I'm a huge flower fan. I buy fresh flowers every Saturday. So I'll be following you from now on :-)
Hope to see you again soon.
Louise from 30s Magazine blog

30s Magazine said...

I love your blog! It was really a pleasure meeting you!

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