20 March 2013

Books and Magazines - Spoonful

This charming little booklet called Spoonful has a byline on the cover that says: "a happiness companion". Well, it certainly made me happy!

Spoonful is published by the artist, illustrator and designer Anthea Ben-Naim. She lives in Australia in a place called Lavender Bay - what a great name!

I came across the publication while looking on Flickr and when I realised that the latest issue was all about flowers I really wanted to have a closer look and find out more about it. So I went ahead and ordered a copy.

It was fun to get snail-mail all the way from Australia with a sweet note attached from the lovely Anthea saying: 

" Hello lovely Ingrid!! May this issue fill your world and imaginings with vintage blooms, blossoms and sweet scents!
Thank you for buying Spoonful ;)" 

How sweet is that!

You'll find lovely floral quotes.

Flower inspired fashion.

Flowery paper art illustrations by Anthea.

The language and meaning of flowers from Victorian times -  with charming illustrations by several different artists. 

Spoonful has 26 pages and is almost small enough to put in your pocket - but it's packed with artistic delights and floral charm. 


Here is a lovely interview with Anthea where she talks about her background, work and new directions for Spoonful.

Here is Anthea's blog also called Spoonful

Buy any of the eight issues of Spoonful here or on Etsy.

Have a look at this funny little video - made by Anthea - that I found.

Anthea is also on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter

All the lovely ribbons are from Jane Means.


Thanks for the visit!

Will be back soon.

xoxo Ingrid 


martinealison said...

Merci de partager avec nous vos émotions et de nous faire connaître cette belle petite revue pleine de charme qui honore aujourd'hui Demoiselle Printemps.
Gros bisous à vous.

Georgianna said...

I've seen this publication awhile back and it looks delightful! Thank you so much, Ingrid, for the great review. It's a little bit of magic, isn't it?


thea said...

you are an absolute gem dear Ingrid!

The post is so very beautiful and I can't even begin to express how honoured & delighted I am to be amongst such beauty. Thank you so much for posting about Spoonful & have a most magical week!


Alexa Jean said...

What a lovely treat to get in the post! Good to meet you the other night at Clifton Nurseries xx

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