25 February 2013

Rebecca Cole # 2 - Flower Arranging Video

I like to show you another brilliant video from Rebecca Cole called How to Arrange Flowers Like a Pro. A no nonsense lady who also has great colour sense. I love how she layers the arrangement in steps and she talks about using odd numbers of flowers to give it balance. It's 5:08 min long.

Whenever you have a minute - come back and watch some of these other videos. 

Here are the links:

1. How to Care for Your Flowers presented by the American florist Nico de Swert - 6:26 min. A lot of very useful hints.

2. How to Create a Hand Tied Bunch of Flowers presented by the British gardener, writer and presenter Sarah Raven - 10:15 min. It's long - but she shows you a different but brilliant way to make a hand tied bunch!

3. Flowers Every Day presented by the British florist and author Paula Pryke - 3:53 min. Just lovely!

4. LA in Bloom presented by the American food and lifestyle blogger Heather Taylor and the florist Holly Vesecky - 5:44 min. 

5. How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer presented by the American florist Rebecca Cole - 3:57 min.

6. Rountree Flowers NYC  presented by the NYC based florist Jessie Weidinger - 1:47 min - a short one.

I so hope you enjoy watching some of these short videos and that you have picked up a few tips that you can use next time you arrange some flowers.

Thanks for the visit and I'll see you again soon.

xoxo Ingrid


Jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Ingrid, thanks so much for sharing this video! I really enjoyed it. Have a beautiful week and happy monday! Love to you!


Randi said...

Tack Ingrid, för din söta kommentar. Jag är verkligen imponerad över alla dina projekt. Har mycket att ta igen. Som du säkert har sett, så är jag inne på din FB stup i ett, för att greppa hur det fungerar. Du är min inspirationskälla - 1000 TACK!
Stor kram

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