27 February 2013

Ingrid's Floral Tips # 2

Last week I started a new series called Ingrid's Floral Tips

In last weeks post I talked about where to buy your cut flowers - here is the link to that post: Where to Buy Your Cut Flowers

This week is about what to look out for when buying your flowers. Later on I will talk about the all important subject on how to condition the flowers once you've brought them home. Later in the series it will be about what kind of containers to choose, design and tips about how to look after your flowers in general and much, much more. 

Later on I'm also going to include tips and advise about cutting gardens.


Tips On How To Choose Your Cut Flowers

# 1. There are going to be many factors that will influence your choice  when buying cut flowers. Size, colour, budget etc.

# 2. You might want to think about where the arrangement is going to be placed. Is it going to be a large arrangement for a hallway or living room or a small one for a bedside table or maybe a bathroom.

# 3. Another factor would be the colour scheme of the room where the flowers are going to be placed. 

# 4. The shape and size of the individual flowers - big and bold or small and dainty.

On the other hand you might you just want to get something pretty and seasonal. Especially if you buy from a farmers' market where you might not have a large variety to choose from.

# 5. Your budget is also important - cut flowers can be expensive. Buying a few stems of something really special and lots of foliage plants could be a way of cutting cost.   

# 6. When you buy cut flowers, look at them carefully to ensure they are in good condition. 

# 7. Take your time - try not to be rushed in making up you mind about what flowers, what colours and how many stems to buy.

# 8. Make sure the flowers have their stems in fresh clean water. Look for flowers with long straight stems and avoid stems that have started to go brown at the bottom.

# 9. Look for flowers with fresh green leaves - avoid any flowers with wilted, yellow or brown leaves or flowers that are shedding their leaves. Also avoid flowers with floppy heads or petals that are starting to brown at the edges.

# 10. Look for flowers with pert heads and some stems that are still in bud. The buds should show the colour of the petals just breaking through.

There are some flowers that you should avoid buying when only tight green buds are showing such as peonies, poppies, roses, dahlias and irises as they will probably never open.

# 11. Avoid flowers that has started shedding their pollen, loose pollen is a sign that the flowers are nearing the end of their life. 

# 12. Ensure the flowers are well wrapped for the journey home. It will protect them from any fluctuating temperatures.

Remove the wrapping as soon as you get home to prevent any build-up of condensation. Also remove any ties or elastic bands.

I hope this has been informative and that it will be of use next time you are buying cut flowers.

In last weeks post I talked about where to buy your cut flowers  - here is the link to that post: Where to Buy Your Cut Flowers.

Have a Lovely Floral Day!

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I'll see you back here soon.

xoxo Ingrid

[Styling and Photography by Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.] 

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martinealison said...

Une publication vraiment intéressante. Vos conseils accompagnés de vos merveilleuses photos font qu'aujourd'hui je suis heureuse d'avoir ouvert votre page...
Gros bisous à vous.

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