14 January 2013

How to Care for Your Flowers Video

In the next few weeks I will show you a series of videos about flowers and flower arranging.

In this first video, Floral Stylist and Interior Designer Nico de Swert demonstrates how to care for your flowers and make the best of your flower arrangements.

We all have different tastes and the kind of flowers that are available to us vary depending on season and where we live - but I felt that we can always learn something from people who work with flowers every day. 

It is the same advice that applies whether you buy your flowers from the florist shop, farmers market or you have picked in your own garden - you want to look after them the best you can and make the flowers last as long as possible in the arrangement.

Here are some more Flower Arranging Tips.

[If you like you can enlarge the image to full screen by clicking the 'Full Screen' symbol in the lower far right hand corner of the image.]  

I hope you can pick up a few tips!

Thanks for visiting and I'll see you back here soon.

xoxo Ingrid


Jacqueline said...

Oh my this is so interesting! Thanks so much for sharing with on how to care for our flowers and flower arrangements! Have a lovely merry happy week and love ot you!


Lisa Gordon said...

This is wonderful, Ingrid, and thank you so very much for sharing here!
Happy Monday to you!

Janneke said...

That video was great Ingrid, I'm really fond of flowers but try to use all year round flowers from own garden. Looking forward to the next video!

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