10 December 2012

Ink Bottle Vases from Sarah Raven

I'm sure that old vintage ink bottles were the inspiration for these pretty little ink bottle vases from Sarah Raven. They come in two colours and two shapes; blue or green, rectangular or round.

I love vintage ink bottles and I have a whole collection of little blue bottles in my windowsill. I use them all the time and they look so wonderful when the light shines through them.

I've featured part of my collection many times on Of Spring and Summer. They are an old favourite of mine to use for little miniature flower arrangements. Have a look at some here here. Here are also some green bottles of mine and these little blue ones are very cute.

Both the blue and the green colours are great and perfect for small arrangements. I made two very simple arrangements with green pompom Chrysanthemums. The stems were cut short and made into little tight domes. 

To raise them up a bit and make them a bit more of a feature I put them on two painted blocks of wood from Craftshapes and I wrapped some floral washi tape around the cubes. The brown and blue tapes are from What You Sow. The green multi patterned tape is from a company called Washi Tapes.

In the last image I added some vintage baubles - it's soon Christmas after all and some of these bottles from Sarah Raven would make perfect Christmas presents.

The little piece of fabric is a curious thing. It is a blanket sample from my grandparents country store back in Sweden.
The costumer would pick a colour and their order would be sent off.

I am part of Sarah Raven's affiliate program and make a small commission from any sales.

Thank you very much to Alissa at Sarah Raven's office for sending me the items to review.

Have a wonderful day!

Thanks for visiting and I'll see you back here very soon.

xoxo Ingrid


Frances said...

These arrangements might be tiny in scale, but they are magnificently great in beauty and style. Old glass is so lovely with its rippling way of catching light! Your tiny mums know their luck to join this arrangement.


Madelief said...

They look lovely Ingrid!

Madelief x

Bleu Chine said...

This presentation is perfect ! It's just enchanting. Stéphanie

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