28 December 2012

Black and White Moodboard

The Christmas period is almost over and the new year is approaching fast. I have put together a black and white moodboard inspired by the dark evenings lit by candle light, Christmas tree lights and clear starry skies. 

The flower arrangements are very simple just a few white  Chrysanthemums cut very short in each container. This vintage glass jar used to hold fish paste once upon a time. It sits on black tissue paper full of sparkly dots. I crumpled it all up and then flattened it again just to give some texture to the surface.

I have used the same stretched little canvases as in this post. This time I have used a wide washi tape with butterflies on one canvas and the other is wrapped with white vintage lace. The decorative washi tape is from Cox & Cox.  

The third canvas is wrapped with strips of white cotton and white twine.

Each canvas has a little added treasure. The cotton and twine one has a retro brooch made by an aunt of mine back in the 1960's. The little round handmade brooch gives off it's own sparkle in a kind of granny chic way.

The canvas with washi tape has three miniature wooden squares from Craftshapes painted with Farrow & Ball paints. 

The third canvas has a vintage chandelier crystal on top of the lace. You can see the lace through the crystal and it also make nice reflections from the candle light. 

The votive candle holders has little spots of glitter on the outside. They caught my eye in the shop and I thought they would add some sparkle to the Christmas and New Year festivities   

I bought them from the House and Garden store at  Snape Maltings in Suffolk, when staying with some very good friends who lives near Aldeburgh. I do recommend a visit if you are in this beautiful part of the country.

I hope you like my moodboard and that it will inspired you to make some of your own creations to add some sparkle to this time or year. 

Have a wonderful day!

Thanks for visiting and I'll see you back here soon.

xoxo Ingrid

[Styling &photography by Ingrid Henningsson for Of Spring and Summer.]


martinealison said...

Une très belle composition... tout en élégance.
Gros bisous.

Carole said...

Love that butterfly washi tape. I have been selling cavallini's but would love to find more subtle tones. Love your blog. Your latest follower
happy new year

Janneke said...

Lovely lace and butterfly tape. I like your simple simple flower arrangements!

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