18 October 2012

Pink and Green Moodboard

My local Farmers Market was selling these gorgeous pink Dahlias and I just had to have them. The colour made me think of spring and I thought: "Maybe I can make an arrangement and pretend it is spring!" Not because I don't like autumn because I do, I like the autumn very much. It is a wonderful season in the UK and London has it's own micro climate. The weather is very mild with a lot of clear bright blue skies and many flowers are still in bloom and leaves stays longer on the trees. 

Dahlias are one of my favourite flowers and it is most definitely not a spring flower, so my dreams of spring did not last for very long. I did the arrangement as a hand-tied bunch which simply means holding the bunch in one hand and adding to it with the other. It makes a more densely packed arrangement and you have more control over the shape. When you are finished you cut the stems and tie it with raffia or string; or if you use a vase that is not too wide you can put the bunch straight in the vase. In this case I used a vintage metal milk pail from Sweden.

In a small pail I made a separate arrangement using variegated Pittosporum. The little vintage pail was probably originally for cream and is also from Sweden.

The cut branches of Pittosporum comes from my neighbours garden, but I have just bought one for my own garden from Crocus. I like the variegation as well as the slightly wavy edges of the leaves and the contrasting dark coloured stems.
As cut branches for flower arranging it is perfect and lasts for ages, a must for anybody who likes arranging flowers.

The old metal milk pail is from the 1950's and made by a Swedish company called Skultuna. The company is 400 years old and is still designing and producing mainly brass products.

I had fun painting some small wooden blocks with different colours. I was picking up the pink in the Dahlias and the grey  in the pails and as I often do I used Farrow & Ball colours. The grey is Elephant's Breath and the pink is Cinder Rose, they are both beautiful chalky matt colours.
I buy the wooden cubes from a company called Craftshapes.

I love all the textures, contrasting sizes and different materials; hard & soft, small & large, glass, wood and metal as well as the colours in the plant material mixed with the softer greys. 

This very large glass funnel is a vintage apothecary funnel from Sweden. It is clearly marked as made in Germany and it has some rather unusual ridges on the inside - I am not sure why.

I stuck a cut branch of Pittosporum in the narrow end of the funnel. It will obviously not last for very long without water so I did it was just for fun. I thought it made lots of interesting angles and lines in the image.

Have a lovely day!

xoxo Ingrid

(text/styling/photography: ingrid henningsson)


Janneke said...

I think this is a lovely arrangement. The Pittosporum is indeed very useful in arrangements, I have not got that in my garden, but I have a similar Dahlia in the garden. The glass funnel is a beauty.

Home and Lifestyle said...

I like your 'spring' arrangement, a wonderful combination.

Enjoy your day! Hugs, Ingrid

Frances said...

Ingrid, your springtime take on autumn garden treasures mixed with vintage metal and glass has created a splendid arrangement.

Your imagination continues to delight our eyes!

I do wish that someday I might have a garden of my own. Meanwhile, your posts offer lots of inspiration and motivation.


Maria Glazacheva said...

Comment c'est jolie j'adore!
Bonne semaine!
xxx Maria xxx

Vicky said...

You are an artist with the camera ! Your photos are always so great and combinations as well!
Vicky x

Ingmarie We said...

Great photos and arrangements. Yhe dahlia is very lovely. Have a nice Sunday.

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