4 July 2012

Pink Sweet Peas, Pink Fabrics and a Tiara

A basket full of pretty pink treasures. Pink sweet peas flowers, a vintage jug with a wide pink stripe, all kinds of different pink fabrics and some tissue paper.

Sweet peas really are irresistible - don't you think? 

Sweet peas are quite fragile so when you arrange them a few flowers are likely to fall off the stems or sometimes the flower is too far down the stem to fit the container and you have to remove it. Don't throw them away! Instead put them in a pretty bowl filled with just a little bit of water. They look very pretty and lasts for many days.

The pink watering can is brand new and bought at a DIY store. The painting with flowers is vintage and inherited. The pink and green floral bowl is also vintage and bought at an antique fair about twenty years ago. Before I bought it it had obviously been in an "accident" - there are about four long cracks all glued together and some small missing bits are filled in with a different material. I know you must be wondering why I bought it in the first place. Well, I fell in love with it and being the slightly crazy person that I am I actually paid money for it - cracks and all!

Starting from the back of the basket there is a vintage handwoven little table cloth in three different pink colours, next is some pink tissue paper and then a small piece of new floral fabric. The white vintage fabric with light pink roses is a very pretty serving apron with a pocket, then a new table mat hand woven from cut rags last is a little floral handkerchief and another small piece of new floral fabric.
The pièce de résistance is the tiara that I found in a box not so long ago. It is a tiara that I have had since I was a little girl and I had totally forgotten that I even had it. Our daughter came to visit the other day she spotted the tiara and asked where it came from and how long I had had it. When I told her she gave me a stern look and asked me why I had denied her wearing a tiara as a little girl! Bad mother!!

Have a wonderful day and never deny anybody wearing a tiara!!

xoxo Ingrid 


Robin Larkspur said...

So many beautiful colors and textures of pink...and I am imagining the fragrance. I feel your daughter's pain....that would have been fab!!! But please don't feel badly about forgetting the tiara. It now has a place of honor in your beautiful vignette.

Mała rzecz a cieszy said...

Nice photos, I'll visit often. Agnieszka from Poland :)

Pascale PUJOL said...

So lovely colors !!!!

Bare Mtn Farm said...

Pretty pink photos. I love how you put pretty flowers with lovely linens and vintage vases and create a wonderful setting. It always speaks to my heart.

Sanne said...

Dear Ingrid,

these are the perfect colours of summer !!!!
Do you collect old fabics ? They are really pretty and the tiara is the drream of every little girl,

enjoy summertime and best wishes ,


Frances said...

Ingrid, even without a garden, I thank you for the tip about saving and floating those little sweet pea blossoms. Are they not amongst the most beautiful flowers?

All those accompanying textiles also add their gentle strength to the photos.

And...the rediscovery of the tiara! Bravo. I suspect that it will be adorning more lovely heads before too long.

What fun it is to visit here. xo

martinealison said...

J'aime les pois de senteur. Ils ont un subtil parfum inoubliable.
J'ai peint une fois sur un très grand format un panier chargée de pois de senteur (80 x 80 cm). Il n'est pas simple du tout de leur rendre leur légèreté et leur délicatesse, mais j'avais beaucoup aimé ce challenge.
Très jolie publication et après tout dites à votre fille que toutes les petites filles avaient un diadème. Il n'était pas visible puisqu'elles sont toutes des princesses dans le coeur des mamans.

Gros bisous.

silvia said...

I love your sweet peas! I love the colors of your compositions! It 's always a pleasure for my eyes to see your photo!

Sue said...

Such a gorgeous collection of pink. I adore sweet peas although I struggle to grow them in my garden for some reason, they have such a glorious scent! For the record I'd buy a cracked bowl too!

Trisha Brink Design said...

Oh how I love pink! I would truly enjoy burrying my nose in that bouquet of sweet peas right about now! :) Wishing you a lovely summer filled with lots of sunshine and flowers :)

Dagmar said...

Good morning Ingrid from Canada,
What an amazing blog you have created..so glad that I happened to see your wonderful posts.
sending sweet summer wishes❤

Georgianna said...

Hi Ingrid! Oh, yes, sweet peas are irresistible! I love the arrangement you created and that pink watering can is darling!

Today I am going to an organic flower farm where one green house is dedicated to sweet peas. Can't wait.

Oh, my, not sure what to say about the crown. Perhaps she could wear it now? :)

Have a beautiful weekend.

– g

Charlotte said...

Hi Ingrid,

Great blog and such beautiful photos! I've nominated you for an award on my blog!


Helene said...

WOW! This is pure summer feelings!!Love the colours!!
Gorgeous pictures:o)

Anna Thompson said...

The flowers look so gorgeous and bring about an air of delicate grace to any room :) By the way, if you have a moment, could we connect online? I wanted to ask you about something. Please feel free to reach me at anna.t@arcadianhome.com. Thank you!


Henrietta Hassinen said...

What a beautiful basket full go pink.I love sweet peas.
Har det bra

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