26 June 2012

Pink Veronica

The spires of Veronica flowers has a charming pink pale colour. The spires has a life of their own and will bend in every direction. It is an interesting cut flower to use as it has a lot of movement and you just have to let it go wherever it wants to go.

I put a big bunch of them in a French vintage enamelled water jug. The grey colour was perfect with the pale pink. The jug has a jet black handle and is a bit rusty around the edges but that just adds to it's charm.

Some of he shorter stems that was left over when stripping the leaves off the lower part of the stems went into a whole collection of small glass bottles. Some of the bottles are full of mother-of-pearl buttons, some are vintage perfume bottles others apothecary jars. It is an interesting mix of bottles in different shapes and sizes and they all sit on a silver plated little tray.

Have a wonderful day!
See you soon!
xoxo Ingrid


Sanna said...

Lovely pink fusion :)

Anna Thompson said...

I bet these smell as lovely as they look! By the way, I had a question I wanted to ask about your blog - is there a way I can contact you? My email is anna.t@arcadianhome.com.

Hope to speak with you soon!


flowersandhome said...

What a beautiful plant and so pretty in the jug.

Frances said...

Once again, you've shown us a delightful new way to feature a plant that we might think we already know very well.

I also love the buttons!


Lisa Gordon said...

Ingrid, we have lots of this growing here, and I never knew what it was called. Thank you!

As always, each of these is so very beautiful.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

martinealison said...

Absolument charmants et raffinés que ces bouquets...
Très jolies photos.

Gros bisous.

Blueberry said...

Wow! Beautiful!;)

Janneke said...

How lovely this arrangement with Veronicas, I've lots of them in the garden, but I never used them solitary, always in combination with other flowers. This is a great idea.

Hatty said...

So pretty! love the colors..:)

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