20 May 2012

Alstroemeria Flowers and String

A beautiful Alstroemeria flower in an old Japanese sake bottle and some string, twine and an old spool of thread. All very simple in both shape, form and colour. 

I love string and twine in all shapes and colour especially the ones in their natural unadulterated colours. They are great for tying around presents, around bunches of flowers and around vases and jars.

Alstroemeria also called Peruvian lily or Lily of the Incas. From the common names you may have guessed that it originally comes from South America. As a cut flower you can buy it in many different colours from white to pink, yellow, orange, red and purple. Most all of them have very attractive small streaks and flecks of red or maroon on the inner petals. My personal favourites are the white and purple varieties.

Have a lovely Sunday!!

xoxo Ingrid


martinealison said...

En toute simplicité et en toute beauté à la fois... La pureté en somme...
gros bisous

Frances said...

Alstoemeria lilies are sometimes under rated. I love their graceful form and lovely colors. You've shown how elegant they can be, treated to sympathetic company!

Best wishes.

Sanne said...

Dear ingrid,

so beautiful together !!!
Love twines in natural colours, too...and they are really made for evrything..

Have agreat week , all the best,


nedj said...

Hi !!

I love white and flowers ... it's so sweet !!
See you !

Katerina said...

So, now I finally know, what is the flower, I bought yesterday at the market, called :)
Great photos as always

sue said...

My Sunday just got better for looking at these gorgeous photos, really beautiful, thanks!

Anonymous said...

your blog is wonderful

Svenja said...

hey ingrid, i just found your blog. you have wonderful pictures over here, i really like them :) the old sake bottle is amazing! wish you a good week, svenja from germany
your new follower by the way :)

Vicky said...

I found your blog by chance, while peeping others and I decided to check it out! I’m glad I did it, because I am really delighted with yours.Wonderful pictures… and it has completely got me hooked

StarletStarlet said...


I really love, love your styling. You added something ultra special to the simplicity - and the alstoemeria lilies are now on my rader, thanks to you!

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