9 September 2011

Darling Dahlias

It was a nice surprise and such a pleasure to come across bright pink Dahlias at the Farmer's Market this week.
I buy the flowers from a stallholder who has a nursery called Grange Nurseries in Bedfordshire.
The owner, Jamie Harding is a delight to deal with. He always greets you with a smile and some friendly words.

I love a colour challenge, so I combined the pink with a light blue jug.

I use these blue glass ink bottles over and over again.
I never tire of the colour or the shape of these charming vintage bottles.

Last time I was in Sweden I found these old gummed  kitchen labels at a flea market.
They could not be simpler in their design and yet so stylish. 

Beautiful, shimmering Oriental mother-of-pearl buttons still on their card.
I found them at the Country Living Magazine Spring Fair - and I wished I had bought more. As I am crazy about buttons!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo Ingrid


Annelie said...

Nice to see you back again!
Gillade din Flickr Flowers and Vintage.
Kul att se vilka blommor folk använder som modeller och vilka vintage pieces de har valt till.
Kul ide!

Ha en trevlig helg!


Henrietta said...

Pink goes so well with light blue, I love the second picture. Those hushålls etiketter är so underbara söt:)
Nice weekend to you too

Agni said...

Painting again! Bravo !

Home and Lifestyle said...

Dear Ingrid,

Dahlias are wonderful flowers, I love them!!

Have a great weekend!! Many hugs, Ingrid

Anna Vattenkanna said...

Underbart och härligt! Jag älskar din färgutmaning...verkligen inspirerande.

Kram Anna Vattenkanna

BareBlooms said...

love all the pic's. The Dahlias look gorgeous against that beautiful duck egg blue jug. Good enough to eat!

Frances said...

Ingrid, you've composed a lovely setting for your darling dahlias. I do like that dahlia shade, and the other colors you've chosen to surround them have resulted in another of your perfect photos! Your eye is fabulous.

The old ink bottles are very good reminders of how utilitarian objects can be beautiful. I agree with you about how contemporary the vintage labels appear to be. And those buttons...well, I would also have taken them home and can understand why you wish you'd gotten more at the Fair.

Best wishes!

Elephant's Eye said...

Love the way you build the layers, and the texture. How you play the colours off against each other. (And it is all real, not a commercial effect added later)

Barbara said...

Your blog is gorgeous! I love your flowers. Pink and light blue? What an interesting combination! I love the mini bottles. Have a lovely week-end!! -Barbara

Fru C said...

Massor av vackra bilder!


Kari said...

Hvilken lykke å komme innom en slik fantastisk nydelig blogg som du har! Takk for at jeg fikk kikke inn :)

Sylvia said...

Lovely flowers, they have a wonderful color !
Those buttons are gorgeous !
Wish you a nice week,

Blueberry said...

Dear Ingrid, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I love your works too!:) love, Ira

Terra said...

These are indeed "darling dahlias". An author I like has a new series of books and I think the titles start "darling dahlias". Terra

lisa said...

As always, such beautiful compositions and colors Ingrid! I just love those buttons. They just don't make them like this anymore, unless you special-order them. I have a whole collections of white ones, that someday, I will do something with.

Happy Wednesday to you!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Ingrid! Hope you had an a enjoyable summer.
Oh! the colors you choose with your props are always beautiful, love that shade of green watering can.
Nice to finally get my Of Spring and Summer fix again!
Hugs Rosemary...xx

Together We Save said...

Oh those flowers are so beautiful!!

silvia said...

I like the colors, I like your flowers and I have a thing for buttons. I like your photos ... you're very good! Thanks from me and from my eyes!

Anonymous said...

Your dahlias are gorgeous, Ingrid! And I love your ink bottles - such a beautiful color.
Hope you enjoy a beautiful day today,
~ Zuzu

letrecivette said...

Oh oh..Dear Ingrid such beautiful compositions and colors ! i love dalias and in this colour are so cute!
Thanks for your kind visit !! I appreciate it so much!
Have a great WE!Monica

Camillas Foto said...

Härligt att du är tillbaka igen!
Ljuvligt med den rosa tonen mot det blå
Ha en skön helg

Pünktchen said...

that`s so beautiful!!

thank you for the invitation to the group!

have a beautiful weekend, sunny and warm :-)


Sophia Callmer said...

Oj vilken nostalgikänsla jag fick, Gustavsbergsmönster och knapparna. Min mormor hade affär, har ärvt nålar, knappar på ark och en massa annat. Du sammansätter fint, blir en hel liten upplevelse att vandra runt i bilden! kram Sophia

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