22 May 2011

How To - Choosing and Buying Cut Flowers

• When you buy cut flowers, look at them carefully to ensure they are in good condition.

• If you choose your flowers with care and look after them well, they will give you pleasure for longer.

• There are many different places to buy flowers - from your local super market or grocery store to upmarket florist shops.

• You might have access to a wholesale flower market. They are large and busy places and can be a bit overwhelming if you are not used to them but it is worth persevering.

• My favourite are all the local farmers markets. They are more likely to sell flowers that are in season and are usually very reasonably priced.

• Make sure the flowers have their stems in clean water.

• Avoid flowers with wilted, yellow or brown leaves or flowers that are shedding their leaves.

• Avoid flowers with floppy heads or petals that are starting to brown at the edges.

• Flowers that are being sold at a reduced price may not be a bargain as they might not last for very long.

• Look for flowers with fresh green leaves.

• Look for flowers with pert heads and some stems that are still in bud.

• The buds should show the colour of their petals just breaking through.

• There are some flowers that you should avoid buying when only tight green buds are showing such as peonies, poppies, roses and irises as they will probably never open.

• Ensure the flowers are well wrapped for the journey home. It will protect them from any fluctuating temperatures.

• Remove the wrapping as soon as you get home to prevent any build-up of condensation. Also remove any ties or elastic bands.

• Condition the flowers as soon as possible. They have been out of water for a while and the stems will have started to dry out.

• Conditioning your flowers will make them last longer and here is how to do it.

Have a wonderful Flower Day!

xoxo Ingrid


Home and Lifestyle said...

Thanks for your information about flowers!

Wish you a happy week! Many hugs, Ingrid

Mari Carmen said...

It's amazing how many things you know about flowers. All your information is very interesting, Ingrid. Thank you very much.


Dronninghuset said...




lisa said...

Thank you so very much for this Ingrid, and I look so forward to reading more of your tutorials as you post them here.

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Ingrid, such a lovely post and im so glad i didn't miss this one because i really love buying flowers and these are awesome tips to look out for. Thank you so much for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Manuela said...

thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are doing these tutorials, Ingrid. I have heard some of this information before, but some is new to me - I look forward to trying these ideas out!
Wishing you a lovely week,
~ Zuzu

Anonymous said...

Hello Ingrid ~ I hear you when it comes to buying roses, that has happened to me a few times when the buds never did open. Going to a flower market must be an enjoyable trip for you coming home with so many beautiful flowers would make me smile.
Have a wonderful week,
Hugs Rosemary...XX

Britt said...


Georgianna said...

Terrific advice, Ingrid. Especially important as flowers are kept too long sometimes at grocers and they might not have much life in them. Thanks so much for posting these tutorials! Hope you're having a super week. xo – g

Henrietta said...

I woke up at 3 am yesterday morning for work and 12 at noon I went back to home but not until I got new fresh cut flowers. Waking up so early must be rewarded I though and bought 2 bunches of ranunculus:)

nedj said...

Joli bouquet très féminin, idéal pour la fête des mères !!
Nedj From France

Camillas Foto said...

Tittar in för att önska en skön helg, tack för tipsen angående blomköp!


Christina said...

Tack för tipsen!

NinaH said...

Goda råd!!
Och så har jag förstås haft en "dregel-stund" bland det vackra jag missat här på din blog!
Japp- nu är jag (...långt kommen..) på bättringsvägen!;-)

~My Fleur Journey~ said...

Hey Ingrid, thanks for visiting my blog as well. I am from and am now living in Hong Kong. I lived in London for a few years a while back and I try to go back once a year, so maybe you can give me some hints as to where are the good places to shop for vintage / shabby chic things..

Fork said...

Did these come from your garden? They are absolutely gorgeous! My favorite flower -- hands down!

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