8 January 2011

Following the Seasons

You know how gardening and interior magazines follow the seasons.
Early spring issues of gardening magazines will every year have articles and photographs about snowdrops and Hellebores.
Interior magazines will every year have very stylish interiors and table settings in autumn colours.
And so one season follow the next.
It is lovely to be reminded of the changing seasons and to be inspired and be creative with your home and garden.
I never cease to be impressed by bloggers who are also gardeners, interior designers, stylists, photographers, food writers, authors, artists and all those making crafts of one type or another. 
Most of us will be inspired by the changing seasons and showing an enormous amount of endless creativity season after season.

Well, I seem to have been doing the same thing.
 I looked back over the last two years and found that I have shown Hyacinths quite a few times!


Have a lovely weekend!

Ingrid x


EmptyNester said...

Lovely photographs of a lovely flower---one of my grandmother's favorites!

Jess said...

Your photo is lovely! With snow up to my shins today...well, I can't wait until to spring.
Stay warm,

Trädgårdsflow/Garden Flow said...

Hyacinter är helt underbara!!!! Har ett helt hav av dom hemma nu..... Fyndade när Ikea sålde ut sina 'julblommor'... Fniss.... hyacinter är väl egentligen mer en vårblomma.... Men favoriter får gärna finnas med under flera årstider........ eller hur!!

Superfina bilder du tagit!
Kram Charlotte

agnicy said...

I love this colours!!!!! Looks like painting!!! Ag

Georgianna said...

Happy New Year, Ingrid! I love all your hyacinth photos but this one is my favorite. The blues all together are gorgeous.

Hyacinth aren't my favorite bulb but I do love and appreciate their amazing scent when they bloom!

Have a great weekend. xo – g

Frances said...

Hello Ingrid. I so love hyacinths, in any color, and that hyacinth fragrance is divine.

Your 2011 January hyacinth photo is a beauty, and having checked the earlier posts, I can see that you and these flowers are made for each other.

We've survived our new year's snow blizzard here, but tonight have been treated to very delicate snow flakes starting to all just as night also fell.

Who knows what we will see at sun up tomorrow? xo

The Garden Ms. S said...

Blue on blue, so refreshing and yet festive. Love it!

Henrietta said...

I just love this blue set up. Thank you
Kram Henrietta

Home and Lifestyle said...

I love hyacints in this season, I have many if them in my house!

Enjoy your Sunday! Warm regards, Ingrid

Sanne said...

Dear Ingrid,

you are absolutly right...we all show nearly the same things because of the seasons...but I think taht `s o.k. I watched your passen hyacinths, but I think this years are the most beautifulo, because of the soft colour...

Have a nice january,
best wishes,

Moa said...

Så ljuvliga bilder med den fina blå färgen.. jag tycker det är härligt med olika säsonger det gör ju att man går igång varje ny period för det är ju så att varje säsong har sin tjusning, just nu har jag en STOR längtan efter vårens blommande lökar.. o det gissar jag är jag inte ensam om.. *Smile*.. Ha en bra söndag/moa

martinealison said...

Très belles photos... J'ai hâte de voir pointer les première jacinthes dans le jardin.

Henrietta said...

I'm not sure is it Marimekko ( my dress when I was little) but I think so because everything was Marimekko
back then. Photo is taken 1971 or -72. It is shamed that dress is not existing anymore it is so cute:)
Kram Henrietta

NinaH said...

Tihi! Men så vackert!! Som alltid extra vackert via ditt kameraöga!

Heather said...

I love all your beautiful hyacinth photos! I can't wait to see what you have coming up in the spring!

Fru C said...

Har inte hunnit in här förrän helgen var slut....hyacinter kan verkligen också vara vårblommor...eller?

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Your work is so lovely ~ your photography, styling, and design is an inspiration.

I can smell those pretty hyacinth!


jacqueline said...

Oh wow Ingrid, these photos are truly gorgeous! I love the setting and that gorgeous vase!! Wishing you a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

Joyce said...

Gorgeous...I absolutely love the blue and white.

maría cecilia said...

Hola Ingrid, thank you so much for your visit, I really love all your flower and vegetable arrangementes, they are so beautiful.
wishing you much happiness and love for 2011.
maria cecilia

Angela Q. said...

Lovely photo's:) I think these flowers are just lovely and your previous posts show them off beautifully:)

Anonymous said...

My Dear Ingrid ~
I don't believe one can ever see enough of hyacinths, they are so delicate and the color you have here in your photo shoot is so pretty and very calming to look at.
Have a great week!!!

Bornay said...

Thank you Ingrid for your very beutiful words about our work! You have a very interesting blog full of good ideas and wonderful photos!


Orchid de dangau said...

Hi Ingrid, so beautiful. I like this color so much.

Britt said...

Gillar hyacinter men tål inte lukten//Britt

Denise said...

love the blue on blue on blue

swedishouse said...

Hej Ingrid

Your Hyacinths are beautiful!
The jug they are displayed gives emphasis to the blue too...
A lovely photograph
Har en bra helg

crystal glamour said...

love these phots so beautiful

i have posted today's inspiration: art
check it out please? at
(if you are new at my blog please follow and leave me comment,
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