6 December 2017

Florets - Floral Quote - #162 - by Irene Schampaert and Judith Baehner

'Florets - Floral Quote' is a series of blog posts where I feature quotes by authors - mostly well known - but you will also find some obscure ones.

All the authors have written one or several books about flowers, green plants, gardening, interior styling or interior design. Many are experts in their field but what is the most important is that they are all passionate about flowers and plants.

I love books and in my ever growing library I look for quotes that I hope will be both inspiring and be useful while arranging flowers or green plants in your home.

" By the end of the eighties, house plants started to disappear from our homes, simply because they were outdated, no longer in sync with modern trends. Our lives got busier all the time. We no longer made time to care for our indoor plants. This custom is now returning, because we are gradually remembering to value slow-paced lives and experience nature.

We are surrounding ourselves with plants again, creating our own retreat and oasis. This makes us happy."

~  Irene Schampaert and Judith Baeher  ~

[Irene Schampaert: Editor, graphic designer, blogger and co-author of Wonder Plants.]

[Judith Baeher: Freelance editor, stylist, blogger and co-author of Wonder Plants.]

[Quote from: Wonder Plants (2016) by Irene Schampaert and Judith Baehner. Published by Lannoo]

[Cover image: Serge Anton.]

[Flowers: Ferns.]

[Styling and Photography © Ingrid Henningsson/Of Spring and Summer.]

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