22 December 2017

Christmas Creativity with Hyacinths

This is a lovely video with the top Swedish florist, Anna Gouteva, showing us how to be creative with hyacinths.
The video is in Swedish but it's still worth having a look even if you don't understand what she says. She shows quite clearly how to make the different arrangements. 

Anna talks about how she loves every part of the hyacinth - the root system, the bulb, the leaves and of course the flowers.
She makes little arrangements on small trays keeping both soil and roots as well as an arrangement using hyacinths as a cut flower under a glass dome. 
She also shows us how to create an unusual table setting using wallpaper instead of a tablecloth. Builds a centrepiece by connecting the cleaned off bulbs with florist wires she also adds other flowers for height as well as some lovely candles.
The last arrangement is a coffee table arrangement in a large bowl with white hyacinths, sedum and pinecones.

The video is created by the Swedish Flower Council Blomsterfrämjandet.

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